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Men's Motion Control Running Shoes

Learn More About Men's Motion Control Running Shoes


Stability On Your Run: Menís Motion Control Shoes

Go the extra mile with running shoes made for your unique gait cycle. Menís motion-control footwear offers the comfort, stability and support you need.

Motion-control shoes are ideal for runners with low to flat arches. Flat feet are typically more flexible and likely to ďoverpronate,Ē or roll excessively inward. To remedy this, motion-control shoes have built-in support that stabilize the foot while offering extra shock absorption.

Look for these details when selecting your new menís motion-control shoe:

  • Breathable uppers allow for strategic airflow. Many motion-control shoe feature waterproof materials, so you can get the right blend of lightweight feel with weatherized protection.
  • Treading is essential for runners. Look for running shoes with traction-maximized outsoles. Trail runners should choose footwear fortified with thick outsoles.
  • Moisture-wicking technology in your shoe helps minimize sweat build-up.
  • Discover your new favorite pair of running shoes from brands like Mizuno®, asics®, Brooks®, Nike® and more.

Always consult product information to learn more about the specific features of your new motion-control shoes. For more, shop the entire collection of menís running shoes at DICKíS Sporting Goods for more.

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