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Skateboards & Longboards

Learn More About Skateboards & Longboards


Learn More About Skateboards & Skate Gear

Show up ready to ride at the skate park.

Choose a skateboard engineered with bold design and durable quality. Select from boards built for urban and street skaters or others that are engineered for those getting on the board for the first time.

Discover a smooth ride with boards designed for aerodynamics and easy maneuverability for your most daring tricks. Pull on low-profile skate shoes by Vans that are designed with lightweight fabrication and maximum grip. Work on ollies and basic grinds with durable, powder-coated and portable skateboard rails and ramps.

Plug in for the ride with iPhone and media player workout armbands, lightweight ear buds and vintage-inspired headphones. Popular brands Skull Candy®, Nike®, Roller Derby®, Vans® and more offer up skate gear that always delivers.

Expert Advice

Think about your preferences and style of riding when picking up the right skate gear. When choosing a skateboard, consider the following features:

  • Materials used in the board’s construction. The most common material used is wood, particularly Canadian Maple. Less expensive designs sometimes feature plastic and aluminum and fiberglass and are becoming increasing common.
  • Size is determined by the deck width. Choose between “traditional” street boards or longboards that deliver more of a surf feel on the ride.
  • Wheels on skateboards are comprised of the material polyurethane. Smaller, harder wheels should be used on street skateboards, while larger, softer wheels are designed for longboards.

Turn to lightweight yet sturdy skateboard rails and ramps to hone your tricks before heading to the streets. Pull on a pair of comfortable skate shoes designed for easy riding on your board. Skate staple Vans® delivers classic skateboarding footwear designed to maximum grip and secure lacing.

Consider the “truck” of your skateboard when making your selection. The trucks of your skateboard are the alloy metal devices that connect the wheels to the deck. Most trucks range in size between 4.75 and 5 inches. Slightly wider trucks offer a more stable landing platform but heavier weight for the skateboarder.

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