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Kids Bikes & Bicycles

Learn More About Kids' Bikes


Finding The Right Bikes For Kids

Among all their toys and gadgets, nothing quite compares to a child’s bike.

Think about it. From trails to neighborhood streets, kids’ bikes help youngsters adventure, learn new skills and gain confidence in the great outdoors. Plus, you can select a kids’ bike that matches their unique skill levels and personality.

Training wheel bikes help them get the hang of steering and breaking, and most models enable you to easily remove the training wheels once they master the ride. Balance bikes promote coordination and motor skills. These first-time bikes feature wide, sturdy wheels and a high clearance for safe riding.

Older kids love BMX bikes, cruiser bikes and more. Shop bicycles with wheel sizes at 12-inch, 16-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch bike. Expect quality and durability from brands like Diamondback® and YBike®.

And a kid's bike is the ultimate way for young athletes to make a statement. Select from bicycles decked in bright pinks and glitter or sporty blues, blacks and greens.

Expert Advice

Use these tips to find the right kids’ bike for your child:

  • With wide tires and an angled front fork for stability, a balance bike is the perfect first-step to hitting the road. As they grow, watch them cruise the driveway with confidence in a training wheel bike designed with wider tires for a sturdy feeling as they ride.
  • Older kids dominate the streets in beginner BMX, hybrid and mountain bikes, designed with lightweight but strong frames that handle anything the ride has in store.
  • For your youngster’s bike, look for a comfortable-fitting double spring saddle that delivers resiliency on the ride. A contoured, foam seat relieves pressure for maximum comfort.
  • Children’s bike sizes are determined by wheel diameter, not seat and frame size like adult bikes. The first step in selecting your child’s bike is determining the wheel size that is appropriate for their current height. The rider should be able to dismount the bike and comfortably straddle it with flat feet.
  • Safety is essential for beginning riders. Shop DICK’S Sporting Goods for kids’ bike helmets designed to meet the needs of children.

  • Pick up a bike with a bag on the headset so they can stash away small trinkets as they go. Water bottle holders keep them hydrated when they're out cruising.

Looking for more? Get them rolling with a full collection youth bikes and skates, roller skates for kids, and protective padding for elbows and knees.


The Kids' Bike Sizing Chart From PRO TIPS