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Learn More About Trampolines


Learn More About Fitness & Outdoor Trampolines

Reach new heights with indoor and outdoor trampolines built for safe bouncing – whether you're looking for backyard fun or a calorie-burning workout.

Bring the fun outdoors with an outdoor trampoline, complete with a spacious, weather-resistant jumping mat. Incorporate an indoor, mini-trampoline into your exercise regimen for a fun aerobic workout that tones abs, legs and thighs.

Outfit your trampoline with trampoline accessories, including ladders, safety enclosures and all-weather covers. Shop top brands Pure Fun®, Quest®, Stamina Products® and Champion®.

When making your selection, consider the trampoline's size and the features and accessories you need to make the most of your purchase.

Round trampolines are designed with safety in mind – the circular shape keeps the jumper in the middle. The diameter of a recreational trampoline can vary from 6-feet to 17-feet. Consider the area where you plan to jump – a minimum of 24-feet overhead is recommended. Consider a trampoline net to surround your outdoor trampoline.

For maximum safety, use a mesh enclosure screen around the diameter of the apparatus to prevent accidental falls. A lockable zipper on the enclosure adds extra security. Also consider safety features like thick foam padding over springs and plastic top caps.

Safety is essential for trampoline jumpers. Ensure that you have ample space around your trampoline before use.

Always make sure your outdoor trampoline is dry before use. Jumpers should be supervised and the apparatus should only be used in appropriate weather conditions.

Discover the cardiovascular benefits of a workout on a mini-trampoline. Look for an anti-slip jumping mat and foam pad covers for safety. For extra outdoor fun, check out one of the hottest games of the season: Spikeball.