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Serve Up Backyard Fun with a Badminton Set

A badminton set is equipped with everything you need to start a match with your friends.

Whether you’re practicing basic strokes or have mastered deceptive shots, a badminton set allows you to practice and play in your own yard. Select a badminton set with quality construction, easy set up and premium rackets for singles or doubles play.

Beginners and advanced players alike can find a badminton set from popular brands, including Franklin®, Park & Sun® and Quest®.

Buying Tips

It’s a backyard classic and an Olympic sport: Get competitive at your next outdoor party or host a tournament with a badminton set.

For recreational use, choose a badminton set that’s durable and easy to set up. If you’re playing a serious match, select a badminton set that meets the Badminton World Federation standards—5-foot -1-inch poles, 20 feet by 2 ½ foot net and rackets not exceeding 26 inches.

Consider the type of matches you will be playing before making your purchase. Singles requires a badminton set with two rackets, while doubles matches require a badminton set with four rackets.

Choose a badminton set with feather shuttlecocks for serious play or durable nylon shuttlecocks for casual backyard games.

Expert Advice

Deliver skillful serves and defend against smashes with the right racket.

Look for a badminton set with lightweight yet strong rackets made with materials like carbon and steel for faster swings and durability. Racket handles with grip tape provide a comfortable holding surface.

Always be ready for a match by supplementing a badminton set with extra rackets and shuttlecocks. Replacement racket string lets you make racket repairs. Select a badminton set with a carrying bag to take the game on-the-go. Looking for more? Shop the entire indoor and outdoor games collection at DICK’S Sporting Goods—and get in on the fun.