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Pool Tables for Your Home

Bring a classic into your home. Pool tables provide year-round recreation for family and friends of all ages.

Choose a billiards table constructed to deliver smooth, consistent play. A quality pool table sets an authentic tone for your home's rec room. Select from a collection of pool tables that includes sturdy, hardwood construction, classic pedestal legs, sporty steel frames and sleek laminates.

Pool tables are available with both wool and nylon clothes in colors that range from traditional green to deep-hued burgundy. For convenience, choose a pool table that comes with the game's parts and accessories included, like cues, billiard balls and more. Choose from popular billiards brands, like Minnesota Fats®, Mizerak® and Fat Cat®.

Pool tables cost between $500 for basic packages and nicer models can cost over $1,500. Find what pool table features are best for you and your budget.

Make the most of your billiards table, and shop pool cues and pool table accessories and parts.

Expert Advice

When making your purchase, select from a variety of materials, finishes and clothes to find a table that meets your playing needs – and seamlessly blends into your home. Choose from billiards sets designed for a larger, more heavy-duty frame or those with a lightweight construction.

Details like updated corner caps and "ball and claw" legs add a stylish accent, while molded gum-rubber cushioning provides responsive bounce-making on every bank shot.

Regulation-size pool tables have a playing surface that is twice as long as it is wide. You will find pool tables in a variety of sizes, though most used in homes are 8-feet in length. A slate playing surface is recommended by the Billiard Congress of America as the only playing surface for tournament play for its stability and durability. Most slate surfaces come in three different sections that are leveled together.

Nylon, wool and synthetic covers are commonly used as the fabric covering your slate playing surface, providing both durability and a smooth, consistent texture for play.

Consider the pockets on your pool table. Pockets can be constructed of leather, plastic or rubber. For a decorative touch, choose a pool table with a friend or shield cover pocket.

Added features help you make the most of your billiards table. Think about purchasing a table with an automatic ball return system, for example. Features like reinforced legs and water-resistant fabric on your table's surface give your billiards set longevity.

Browse top-rated tables or shop all pool tables and accessories to find the right equipment for your game room or finished basement.