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Learn More About Snowshoes


Winter Trekking: Learn About Snowshoes

Trek over snow without sinking or struggling — shop tundra-ready snowshoes for your winter adventure.

Enjoy fresh-fallen snow with quality constructed snowshoes for men, women and kids. Discover snowshoes that allow for a natural-feeling stride and total shock absorption.

Consider the different kinds of snowshoes available. Recreational snowshoes are ideal for walking and hiking on flat terrain, while mountaineering snowshoes are more technical in design and better suited to negotiate rugged terrain. Get your winter workout in aerobic and running snowshoes

Snowshoes are available for men and women. Shop popular brands, including Atlas® and Tubbs®.

Adapt to snowy conditions in snowshoes built for your terrain. The right pair of snowshoes should allow for easy mobility and reduce stress on hips, ankles and knees.

Lookingn for more snow-sports gear? Shop all winter sports equipment from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Many of today's snowshoes are made of a lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber frame. Decking is the flat surface of the snowshoe that enables you to walk without sinking. This part of your snowshoe will likely be composed of a synthetic material. Look for a strong yet light frame that floats on snow.

Expert Advice

When selecting your snowshoes, think about the terrain you'll be encountering. Flat-terrain snowshoes are ideal entry-level shoes with easy-to-adjust bindings and less aggressive traction systems. Snowshoes built for rolling terrain are a step above entry-level shoes, designed with more substantial bindings and traction.

For icy, steep and rocky terrain, turn to mountain snowshoes, many of which are made with climbing crampons and stronger bindings.

The bindings of your snowshoe resemble harnesses that attach your boots to the snowshoe. Individuals who run in their snowshoes look for a light, snug fit. Conversely, if you're wearing heavy boots with your shoe, look for ratcheted straps.


7 Things You Need To Know About Snowshoes