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Ultra-Durable Costa Del Mar® Sunglasses

Head outdoors with stylish yet functional Costa Del Mar® sunglasses from DICKíS Sporting Goods.

Costa Del Mar® sunglasses are specially crafted for the great outdoors. Each pair features ultra-durable nylon frames and polarized lenses for supreme sun protection. Sleek wrap around frame designs are lightweight and comfortable for any outdoor adventure.

Select from a variety of Costa sunglasses, including those for men and women. Choose from a full spectrum of frame types and lens colors for the pair thatís right for you.

Love Costa Del Mar®? Outfit for the great outdoors with Costa Del Mar® apparel and accessories.

Expert Advice

When choosing sunglasses for fishing, hiking or biking, durable frames and lenses are a must. Costa Del Mar® sunglasses are shock-resistant yet lightweight to stand up to your journey.

Always choose Costa Del Mar&erg; sunglasses with UV-ray protection built into the lens coating. This technology helps absorb and deflect the sunís harmful glare. In addition to ultraviolet-deflecting lens coating, you can choose lens colors that are best-suited for your outing:

  • Gray lenses are best for everyday use. This color transmits a variety of hues for minimal optical distraction.
  • Amber lenses are great for low-light conditions, including overcast skies.
  • Copper is best-suited for bright conditions, as it soothes the eyes while heightening visual acuity.

Costa Del Mar® sunglasses are designed with polarized lenses. What are polarized lenses? They are specialized sunglasses that cut glare and haze with a specialized filter, helping you see better in a variety of weather conditions.

Not finding what youíre looking for? Check out the entire collection of sunglasses at DICKíS Sporting Goods for more.