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Floorball Sticks, Balls, & Accessories

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Floorball Gear To Get You In The Game

Prep for your fast-paced floorball game with gear specially designed for the sport. Learn more about floorball before stocking up for your game:

  • The game is similar to ice hockey. Players take to a floorball court on foot and try to score in the opposing teamís goal.
  • The game can be played on any wooden gym floor, rubber mat or asphalt surface.
  • Floorball is played with three to five players in addition to a goalie on each team. Other than the goalie, players cannot catch the ball or place their hands on the ball during play.

Floorball players use sticks, ranging between 80 and 100 centimeters, to manipulate the ball. These lightweight sticks are outfitted with blades that vary in stiffness levels. The harder your blade, the stronger your shotóbut the less control you will have over the ball.

The latest floorball sticks are made with innovative materials, including carbon and fiberglass. Some sticks can be heated to customize the curve of a blade, and many players prefer to wrap their stick in tape to improve grip.

Shop top floorball brands for the gear your game needs, including SherWood Rekker®.