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Outdoor Essentials: Learn More About Grills

It’s not quite a tailgate party without the right food. So serve up your guests’ favorites with a new grill from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

The right grill can help you make the most of your pre-game celebration or backyard barbeque. From full-size cooking stations to mini-griddles and portable systems, find the gear you need to make a mean hamburger.

Shop a variety of features, technologies and designs from leading outdoor cooking brands, including Coleman®, Camp Chef® and Blackstone®

Expert Advice

When making your selection, think about where you’ll be cooking.

Tabletop grills are great for where space is limited—think an RV or picnic pavilion. Tabletop grills, mini-grills and grill box offer just enough cooking space to fix up a few hot dogs or hamburgers—consider these models options if you plan to travel. Camp grills are designed to straddle an open flame, so you can cook up s’mores at your campsite.

For the serious backyard chef, try a full-size grilling system. These grills feature maximum cooking space, cast iron grilling grates, adjustable side vents, storage cabinets and more. A stainless steel construction looks sleek and polished for your next outdoor get-together.

Make the most of your cookout with grilling accessories, including grilling shelves and pans and carrying cases.

You can select from a variety of cooking systems, including gas, charcoal and electric-powered grills. Keep in mind, charcoal grills often require tight lids and dampers, which help control heat. Grills that allow you to raise and lower the coals also help you to control heat. Gas grills should also have a tight lid. Ensure your cooking surface evenly distributes heat.

For more, shop the entire collection of cooking gear from DICK’S Sporting Goods.