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Air Mattresses, Sleeping Pads, & Pumps

Learn More About Air Mattresses & Air Mattress Pumps


How to Buy Air Mattresses

Get a good night’s sleep at the campsite with the help of quality air mattresses or sleeping pads.

The latest air mattresses deliver maximum comfort in just about any condition. And they’re great beyond the campsite—use them for overnight guests, trips out of town and much more. Select from a variety of sizes and materials for your best night’s sleep.

Some air mattresses are designed at double the height—making it easier to get in and out of bed. Adjustment settings let you customize your level of firmness. Shop trusted brands including Therm-A-Rest®, AeroBed® and many more.

Sleeping pads are a great alternative to air mattresses. They offer light padding and protection and are typically paired with a sleeping bag.

Expert Advice

Not all air mattresses are created equally. Keep in mind these factors when making your selection:

  • Air retention is crucial for a good night’s rest. Quality material and welded or reinforced seams help stave off punctures and leaks. Be careful not to over-inflate your air mattress. Doing so could break seams and cause your air mattress to leak.
  • Always ensure your new mattress has easy-to-use valves for quick inflation and deflation. Many models come with a built-in pump or a hand pump for ease of use. Many built in pumps are easy to plug in and make inflating your air mattress much easier.
  • Size and height can vary greatly among air mattresses. Consult product information specifics on dimensions, as the size of air mattresses can differ from that of traditional air mattresses.
  • Some air mattresses come lined in ultra-soft materials, like velour, for additional comfort.
  • For convenience, choose an air mattress that comes with a carrying bag.
  • Sleeping pads are ultra-lightweight and easy to pack—perfect for backpackers and those looking for a lighter load.

Looking for maximum comfort? Many premium air mattresses come with adjustability settings so that you can achieve a precise level of softness or firmness. Others come with integrated “headboards” that help keep pillows in place.

Keep in mind that your air mattress may initially seem like it is softening or losing air. This is likely because the fabric is stretching and settling. After several uses, this will likely discontinue.

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