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Baseball Gloves & Mitts

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Your Best Season Yet: Learn More About Baseball Gloves

Step onto the field ready for play—choose a baseball glove crafted for a performance-feel and pro-grade durability.

Shop baseball gloves for adults, youth players and adult slow-pitch softball. Gloves are available in a variety of materials:

  • Synthetic leather: Easy to close with no "break-in" required and lighter for younger players.
  • Softened, oil-treated leather: minimal "break-in" and game-ready feel featuring synthetic finger stall lining.
  • Premium leather: Offers enhanced feel and durability with a more specific break in and fit.
  • Pro Series leather: Lighest quality leather, offering the elite player unparalleled craftsmanship, durability and comfort.

Shop top brands like Easton® gloves, Mizuno® gloves, Rawlings® gloves and more.

Expert Advice

Every player should understand their glove construction—keep in mind these key features when making your selection:

  • Web/Pocket: Connects the fingers and the thumb allowing for secure control of the ball upon impact. This is where you want to catch most fly balls, pop ups and line drives.
  • Palm: Features padding under the leather to give the palm protection.
  • Heel: The lower portion of the glove, palm side, which provides protection and determines the break-in of your glove.
  • Lacing: Provides shape to the glove (palm side). Leather is the preferred lacing material, giving players ideal break-in and durability.
  • Hinge: Allows the glove to open and close easily.
  • Wrist adjustment: An optional feature in some gloves, providing a snug fit on a player's hand.
  • D-ring fastener: Allows you to pull on the lacing and make the glove tighter or looser.
  • Velcro fastener: Offers convenience of pulling and adjusting to fit your comfort level.
  • Lacing adjustment: Allows you to loosen or tighten the wrist fastener with leather laces.

To achieve your ultimate potential, choose a glove that's appropriate for your position on the field:

  • Catcher: A fingerless mitt with plush padding to reduce the sting from the pitcher's throw. Claw-like shape to help players close the mitt
  • Pitcher: Often has closed webbing to allow pitchers to conceal their grip on the ball.
  • First Base: Similar to catcher's mitt, designed to scoop the ball up in dirt. The wide shape and larger pocket helps first basemen field throws from infielders.
  • Infield: Five-fingered glove with a shallow pocket for a quick throw to the necessary base, offering open webbing so the player throws only the ball, not the dirt that was locked in the glove.
  • Outfield: Features a deeper pocket and a longer glove length to catch fly balls and extend reach.

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