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Tennis Racquet Size Chart

Tennis Racquet Sizing Charts

Youth Tennis Racquet Size ChartAgeBall Type
19" RacquetUp to age 5 Foam
21" Racquet4-6 Foam or Red Felt
23" Racquet7-8 Red Felt
25" Racquet9-10 Orange Felt
26" Racquet10-12 Regular Tennis Ball
Adult12+ Regular Tennis Ball

Adult Tennis Racquet Grip Size ChartHand Measurement
Grip Size: 04" (100-103 mm)
Grip Size: 14-1/8" (103-106 mm)
Grip Size: 24-1/4" (106-110 mm)
Grip Size: 34-3/8" (110-113 mm)
Grip Size: 44-1/2" (112-118 mm)
Grip Size: 54-5/8" (116-119 mm)

*Adult Racquets are sized by thickness of grip; Note that Junior Racquets come in only one grip size

*Measuring Racket Grip Size:

1) With your playing hand, fully open your palm and extend your fingers while keeping them close together.

2) Take a ruler and vertically align the edge with your third (ring) finger and the bottom of the ruler in line with the joint where your thumb meets your hand.

3) Your grip size is then determined by the length between the tip of your third finger to the point where your thumb meets your palm.