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Finding the Right Children's Bike Size:

Your child's bike size is determined by wheel diameter, not frame size.

It's important to choose a bike that's right for their size -- bikes that are too large or small are difficult to control and maneuver. Your child should be able to comfortably sit on the bike with their toes or feet touching the ground, and their knees should never touch the handlebars.

Use your child's height and age as a guideline for finding the best bike:

Kids' Bike Wheel Size Chart

Approx. Child's AgeKids' HeightBike Wheel Size
1-3 years One Size Balance Bike
2-4 years2'10" - 3'4"12 inch training wheel
3-5 years3'1" - 3'7"14 inch training wheel
5-7 years3'7" - 4'0"16 inch training wheel
7-9 years4'0" - 4'5"20 inch wheel
9-11 years4'5" - 4'9"24 inch wheel