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Field & Stream Eagle Talon Kayak - Dick's Sporting Goods
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  • Camo
  • 12 FT.
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Product Information:

The Field & Stream« 12' Eagle Talon Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak is perfect for your next relaxing day on the lake. Stay comfortable with the adjustable padded seat and keep organized with the molded-in well to hold your tackle box and bucket, with cargo mesh cover. The two flush mount rod holders with leashes ensure your rods stay secure before you cast out.

  • 1 person sit-on-top kayak
  • Front deck bungee cords
  • Drain plug
  • Padded seat with adjustable backrest
  • Oval rubber hatch
  • Molded-in space for one 3600 tackle box and bucket (tackle box and bucket not included)
  • Screw top hatch with mesh bag
  • 2 flush mount rod holders with leashes
  • Swivel fishing rod holder
  • Stern tank well with mesh covering
  • Adjustable footpegs
  • 2 paddle parks
  • 1.5 pound folding anchor with 100' of polypropylene line and float
  • Side, bow and stern carry handles
  • Manufacturer's one year warranty

Click here for additional information relating to the Manufacturer's Warranty.

  • Length: 12'
  • Width: 30"
  • Deck height: 13"
  • Carry weight: 68 lbs
  • Max. capacity: 400 lbs
Country of Origin: Thailand
Web ID: 11279269

Customer Reviews:

Rated 4.5 out of 5áby 287 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5áby Great kayak, sound investment I bought a blue camo Eagle Talon on Sept 9th from Dick's. This is my 3rd kayak. I looked around and combed the internet every day for months. Since I am on a tight budget price was definitely a factor for me. After having experience modifying both of the sit inside kayaks for fishing I was well versed in the installation of rod holders, Scotty mounts, bungee systems, hatches and anchor trolleys. The point being, I wasn't afraid to buy a base model and modify it for fishing. I finally settled on the Eagle Talon after reading the reviews and seeing the new blue camo color for 2014. I love this kayak but I never tried it "out of the box" without some slight modifying. After reading tons of reviews on Dick's, I installed scupper plugs under the seat, changed the seat to a really and removed the standard Scotty mount in the front and installed a Scotty flush mount with a rubber stopper. There are too many reviews that say things like "this would be a great kayak if.... so I changed them from the get go. The result? This is a great kayak. I am 6'3, 240 lbs and I stood up in it with no problem (in my pool) I doubt I will try this on the water because I'd probably go swimming but it wasn't hard to stand. Here are the trials I have put it through so far: I've used it in open water fishing several miles of the Gulf off crystal river Florida, not just the flats but out in the fast currents, open water and some island hopping. It handles choppy water fine although I did get a bit wet from the sea spray and small waves. I had to go out and tow my Dad ( 70 yrs old) back into the harbor who was in my Pungo 120 when he got sucked out between the sandbars far out to sea from the low tide currents. he wasn't a strong enough paddler to come back in on his own. The Eagle Talon was a great tow boat. I've been out to the Gulf 6 times this month already (Dad is fine and he stays in the flats now lol.) I have used it to tow my kids when they need assistance or just tethered for safety (line in hand) I've fished Rodman reservoir (Lake Ocklawaha) and the barge canal bass fishing. The boat was comfy and stable, I wish I brought extra sandwiches. I fished Lake Weir as well as some more Gulf Coast trips to Yankeetown, FL. I list these to let you know that I have been getting to know this boat well. This Kayak is not slow nor is it a wide turning boat. With the proper strokes I can 360 this yak just as easily as the Pungo. Take a few minutes to learn your paddling strokes. The reason it is not as slow as you would assume is probably because it is not 12 feet long, it is 12' 6" which makes a difference. The good news is that while it is slightly thinner and longer than reported, it is still a quite stable yet efficient SOT hull design. The crate problem: If you've read reviews by now then you know a typical milk crate doesn't just slide in behind the seat. Many owners of this boat simply use a cooler they find and to fit and mod it with rod holders which you can also buy at Dick's The front hatch: Having detailed expensive cars in South Florida in my youth, I knew a little trick to soften black rubber and moisten it while not leaving the rubber shiny and greasy. Use baby oil. Rub it on the hatch cover, both sides and under the lip. It absorbs into the rubber hatch cover leaving it soft and supple and very easy to lift off and put on. Apply each time before your trip for easy access and the added protection against the water. It does not make your hatch greasy , keeps it from drying out and it actually smells quite nice. That weird little pre-molded hole behind the seat: It fits the Plano 3600 box perfectly, has a bungee installed to hold it in place AND holds a container of gulp underneath. It does not hold a Plano AND a small bait bucket as advertised. It?s either /or with regards to the bait bucket. I haven?t had any problems with my foot rests but I am a tall guy and they are on the longest setting. It is very comfortable. Enjoy your kayak, spend some time, do your research, make the right modifications that make a difference to your preferences and you should have just as great as an experience as I am having with this boat. Next stop is the open ocean with a beach launch. This boat is strong and versatile, you won't find better for the price. October 22, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5áby Awesome fishing yak Read the reviews, did some shopping, bit the bullet and purchased one in early summer 2014. After fishing on and off through the summer and pretty aggressive fishing in the fall, here are my pros and cons: PROS Excellent kayak for the price. Tracks well, is outfitted to drop right in the water from the store and can be used in all situations. It is not the fastest yak on the water but its not meant for speed and does well with comparable size yaks. It is extremely stable and at 6'2 260lbs I can easily get in and out and sit on the side to cast without issue (one of my buddies actually has a picture of me sleeping in it on the water). I have landed bass, croaker, cats, trout and rocks with no issue (one cat was over 40" and was a bit difficult to bring over the side without help but was accomplished). CONS Scupper plugs are a must if you will be fishing in colder water. There are 6 total holes....4 in the cockpit (2 under the seat and 2 a bit forward of the foot pegs) and 2 in the stern gear area. I don't plug the two in the rear but plug all 4 in the cockpit and have never had a problem getting wet.. The installed anchor trolley is not only spans the rear quarter/half. If you plan to anchor in a current, you will need to install a new one that runs the length of the boat and is a bit easier to manipulate otherwise it is useless. Mine does seem to have a very small leak in the hull...there is usually a little bit of water in the hull after a trip. That being said, it is seriously a minimal amount of water even after several hours so I have not been motivated enough to spend time finding it...rather spend that time fishing! As other reviews have stated, the seat is pretty lame but that can probably be said for most stock seats in most of the yaks I looked at. It's fine as a starter but you will want to invest in a good quality seat soon. All in all, a great fishing yak. The cons were fairly easily mitigated with a few adjustments (which, if you are going to get into yak fishing, you are going to do some modifications no matter what). I have thoroughly enjoyed this fishing season in it and am already planning a few more modifications (changing front swivel mount to a triple mount, adding a cleat or two and changing my milk crate layout) while anxiously awaiting the spring season. If you are looking for a great yak to get into the sport which will last awhile and won't kill the checkbook, this is a great choice. December 30, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Great value I have been researching fishing kayaks for a while now. I didn't even look at the Eagle Talon. It wasn't on my radar. I decided to drive to Jacksonville to look at two other brands at another outfitter. Well, I got lost and wound up at Dicks. Sometimes things are meant to be. I told my understanding wife that we'd might as well look at what Dicks has to offer then find the other place. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Skeptical at first but the more I looked at the Talon the more I liked it. The finish and fit and hardware were very good. I'm a hardware man, I've built over 100 houses and I'm into wood working plus I buy things like fishing reels and tools that seem to be put together well and have good hardware. I hooked up with Chris who turned out to be the store manager. He was friendly and knowledgeable and he didn't try to put the hard sell on me. I looked hard at the Talon then decided to compare to the other two brands I had in mind at the other location. As I walked away from the kayak area I thought about the great deal I could have and buy what I thought was a good fishing kayak for 1/2 the price of each of the other two brands. So I turned around and thirty minutes later walked out of the store an owner of the Talon. I was to pick up the kayak the next day as the auto we were driving wouldn't accommodate hauling the kayak home. The next day I stopped by the other store and looked at the other kayaks I had in mind in the first place. They were nice but not nice enough to squelch the deal with Dicks and the Talon. Actually the hardware and fit wasn't as good as what I found on the Talon. Yesterday I took out my new kayak for its maiden voyage. A run out into Moultrie Creek for some fishing. It was a beautiful day and a good time to go fishing. I hit the out going tide and fished the oyster beds hard. The kayak performed like a dream. It tracked well, and even though the water was calm I had to deal with some boat wake. It took the waves just fine. I plugged the scuppers near the seat because I read it might be a source of "wet butt". I didn't get wet. When I returned to shore I looked into the bilge and it was dry - nothing but air! Now for the negatives. The thing is heavy. I am 200 lbs 6'-0" tall and I liked how it kept me afloat and dry. However lugging it into my truck bed is a challenge. I got it done and upon reflection I think a certain amount of heavy is good. It means the thing is solid and less likely to deform. It's just more work. It does not hold a milk crate in the tank well. Big whoop - that's where being creative comes in handy. I managed to McGiver ample storage in the well and it all stayed dry. Let's see---. Oh yeah, the seat. I read a lot of negatives regarding the seat in this kayak. I for one am ok as long as my lower back is supported . If it becomes an issue then I'll buy another seat with the money I saved in the first place (and sill have money left over). I wonder if the dings about the seat are from guys who expect the kayak seat to sit like their Lazy Boy. Just guessing. I am 66 years old and rode a ladder to the ground injuring my back when I was 31. I have always had an issue with my lower back. Two hours in this yak and no back problem. I have had experience in other kayaks and canoes. This kayak either matched or exceeded the performance of all the other kayaks I've paddled. I recommend it. It doesn't have the brand recognition and snootiness of some of the others but it is a solid kayak and a good value. April 2, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby heavy but great I bought the kayak at Dicks and have used it about 5 or 6 times. It is heavy, but i can carry it by myself and load on top of my van. But i am in good shape, as a professional painter, ( I haul a lot of ladders). The hull is pretty rigid and can take a beating. The seat is not that good, ok for 3 hours, but uncomfortable for > 3 hours. The forward hatch is about impossible to access while you are on the water. The canoe is stable, i have had it on rivers and lakes. I have not figured out the anchor very well, and it seems to get in the way. I am glad I purchased it, and have enjoyed my hours on the water. It has opened a new joy for me. September 20, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Big review from a big guy I wanted to get a few trips on this kayak before giving it a full review. Let me start off by saying I am a big guy, 6'5" and 295 lbs, and this kayak holds up extremely well with my large frame. It is very stable, tracks well on the water, pretty fast and has a friendly tipping point (if that makes sense). There are reviews that state the seat is an area that needs an immediate upgrade. I do feel that the seat needs an upgrade because the back height is short, at least for my height. However, it isn't as bad as what other reviews make it out to be. I just made sure all straps were tight and the seat was as tight as possible. My trips were only a couple hours, so I can see where the seat would be uncomfortable on a several hour trip. Because of my height and my long legs, I actually had to remove the foot pegs to give my legs more room. It made a big difference and when they were removed I became a lot more comfortable. One final thought is the gaskets for the hull could be better. A few waves came in the boat and water had to have seeped in through the dry bag gasket because there was water in the hull at the end of my trip. Now this water was only about 8-10 oz but it got in there. I'm figuring it is the gaskets because I took a trip where no waves got into the boat and the hull was bone dry. In the end, I am giving this kayak 5 stars because at it's listed price you really do get a lot for a great price. I am sure Hobies or Feel Free or Wilderness fishing kayaks are just as good if not extremely better, but they are also two or three times as much. Hope this review helps and enjoy the kayak. It truly is the best bang for your buck. May 1, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Exactly what I needed After doing research and talking to friends, I couldn't see spending more bucks on other yaks that didn't have as many features. This is my first yak. Its pretty much what I need for fishing. When I brought it home, I put it in the pool to check for leaks, then repeatedly dumped it in deep water to practice re-entry. The inside was dry after sitting in it for some time before I flipped it. After flipping it a half dozen times, I had a tiny bit of water inside but not sure where it got in, but it wasn't enough to worry about. I have since been out on the water for three full day trips and have not had ANY water inside. Some people have complained about the forward hatch cover, but after reading the directions and putting a bead of petroleum jelly around the inside edge of the cover, I found that I was able to open it while on the water with no problem. Just don't use too much jelly, you don't want to get that stuff on whatever you put inside. After the preceding trips, I found that my butt was getting wet even with plugs in the holes under the seat. I have since put in a piece of Styrofoam under the seat to raise it about 2 inches and provide better cushion - yet to be tried out. The complaint about the seat being soft on support is still an open issue - not sure if it needs an upgrade or not. More trips are required. I do know that you have to play with the straps to get it where you need it, not a big deal but maybe some people don't take the time. I added a few tie-downs to hold some leaches and bungee cords and its pretty much all I need for a great day of fishing. July 29, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Good Yak to Start and can be killer when upgraded I bought this kayak June 2014. The first and most apparent thing that is needed is a seat upgrade. I was not able to pull an all day without going to shore at least every hour or two. However, seats can be done on the cheap by looking up videos or by looking at sites that sell yak gear for higher end seats. Although, the most outstanding feature is that the kayak is a great base to start modifying off of. This yak can be taken out as soon as you can get to the water after leaving the store and load it up with your gear and get to your favorite spot, but to make it awesome you got to modify and it is easy. I already have installed a fish-finder and got a new seat. The anchor trolley is effective in very limited conditions. The trolley does not allow for much adjustment to the wind and can make it where your unable to get the angle on a spot if the wind or current are in different directions then the last time you were at that same spot. The anchor trolley can be extended and made easier to operate with a couple of pulleys placed to span the total length of the yak allowing for full adjustment. The storage may seem limited but with a little measuring and perusing the interwebs you can find pretty much anything that you could need from coolers, to bait buckets, or the sorts that will fit in that rear area. Scupper hole plugs are a must if you are going out in the winter months or in cold water. The four holes in the cockpit area wont let you sink, but does not keep it dry either. The seat soaked up a lot of water when I had them unplugged in the summer months which was nice then, but is a big problem in the winter months. The yak does track well and you can get it going at a pretty good speed. Overall the layout is great and I fish a few species in my local bay system, but I feel like you could take this yak out and catch anything. The yak is a good price because no matter what brand yak you buy you know your going to be personalizing it anyways. I gave it five stars because it was a good yak, good price, and a great base to personalize for how I like to organize and fish. February 4, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5áby Amazing Kayak I have been kayaking many years, tandems, triples, sit in, sit op top, 8 footers, 14 footers, in surf and in the shallows. I love to fish and had been eye-balling this yak for quite some time. It went on sale and I had some bonus points to use up so I pulled the trigger. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. The yak went on sale for $449, I took an extra 10% off with the card, plus triple bonus points for my score card, several $10 rewards certs + the $30 they will send me in the mail, all things considered I got the yak for a little over $300 give or take a few. I am AMPED about this yak. Been fishing several times and it is STABLE. I can lean my feet over the edge to cool off, (I am 5'10" and 195lbs), this past weekend I was able to stand up in it and paddle gently without issue (Ive had a fair amount of practice on a paddleboard, this is not as stable as that but I can easily get used to is for fly-fishing or bow-fishing). I can reach around and access my tackle-bag and even kneel forward to get in the front compartment. There was a decent current that day and the little 1.5 pound anchor did just fine holding me while I fished (just remember to let enough line out people.) My next move is trophy sized catfish (30+inches) in about 40-60 feet of water, the quick release anchor trolley and float will be AMAZING for this when I need to fight a big fish and come pick up my anchor later. All the rod holders are great, I keep my all around rod, my light tackle rod and my bait caster with me. The is a video online of how to set her up with a milk crate, but I havent needed to yet. The adjustable foott rests are nice and the drain plug on the back is nice too. I got some foam golf balls and plugged the scuppers (didnt come with any, and isnt supposed to according to the website) this was really nice so my rear didnt get wet. I had it in about 6 inches of water and was still afloat with all my gear. I also had it out in a choppy part of the rives with wake-board boat wakes and she handed the chop well. The only part that is no-bueno about this yak is....the seat.... as everyone says. It is pretty worthless but for the TONS of money you save buying this amazing yak, you can get another one cheap. I will be taking this out for some Chesapeake bay rockfishing soon and know that she will handle all my needs and more. Also, I have no issue loading and unloading this on top of my SUV by myself, its really not that heavy. After getting this and knowing what I now know about it, I would gladly pay full price for it ($549), but the sale made the deal that much sweeter! Happy paddling. June 4, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5áby Great in saltwater and an excellent value for the money I have taken this bad boy on about 10 trips now and it has yet to let me down. This thing can really move once you get it going and tracks pretty well. The amount of features that is included at this price is what really sets it apart though: dry storage compartment runs all the way through the hull and stays bone dry. Comes with an anchor and trolley system for windy days... Rod leashes and paddle keeper on both sides are integrated into the design, and you even get an adjustible scotty mount front rod holder. Most yaks with these features will set you back a couple of hundred more, so this thing is totally worth the $$ . I have caught numerous fish on this kayak in choppy water, and have even been taken on sleigh rides by some of these guys, and never once did I feel unstable. The weight capacity is also a plus as I do intend on taking this thing on island camping trips. The only downside to this kayak would be that standing on it while fishing might pose as a challenge. I attempted to do this and felt a bit wobbly about half way up, so aborted that attempt... I'm also 6'4 at 240lbs so this may be easier for someone with a smaller build. Also, the seat will leave you butt-hurt after about 4 hours or so. I recommend getting a new seat or adding extra cushioning underneath. All in all, I would totally recommend this kayak for someone just getting into the sport and not looking to spend an arm and a leg doing it. I'm very satisfied with this purchase and look forward to slaying more fish with it in the future. December 30, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5áby Beware of Defected Hull I bought this kayak and took it out for the first time and it tracks well and is very stable. I was very happy with the kayak until i got home and rinsed the salter water off and put it back on my kayak rack. That is when i noticed that there was water inside of the hull. I looked online and read forums and someone said to put a spotlight inside the hull at night and if there are holes you will be able to see them. I did that and behind the seat in the area thats shaped for a small bucket the hull was thin and had very small holes. I had found my issue the hull was defected. There are alot of great reviews on this boat on here but just wanted everyone to know to check your yak and make sure there are no defects. I took mine back and went to academy and got the perception pescador 12 and its a great kayak. Dicks was great with there customer service though and took the kayak back with no questions. May 14, 2014
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