Stiga Master Series ST3100 Competition Indoor Table Tennis Table

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Stiga Master Series ST3100 Competition Indoor Table Tennis Table - Dick's Sporting Goods
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Product Information:

Face off against your biggest rivals on the Stiga® Master Series ST3100 Competition Indoor Table Tennis Table. Experience optimal bounce and surface response as you respond to your challenger with powerful returns. The Stiga Master Series ST3100 features an integrated ball storage apron that holds 12 balls per side, and includes a net and post system. Playback capabilities allow you to hone your technique and store the table compactly.

  • Stiga Master Series ST3100
  • Great for taking on tough competitors
  • Intended for indoor use
  • Performance table with integrated ball storage apron
  • Sturdy-link chassis with smooth and durable silk screened striping
  • Ball apron holds 24 balls total (12 per side), balls not included
  • ż" top
  • Includes net and post system
  • 3" casters
  • 2" apron
  • 2" legs
  • Packaged: 62.5" x 56.5" x 5.0"
  • Play position: 108" (9ft) x 60" (5ft) x 30"
  • Playback position (1 side in storage position and 1 side in play position): 60" x 68" x 62"
  • Storage position: 60" x 30" x 62"
  • Style: T8732
  • Stiga

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Country of Origin: Imported
Web ID: 12152585

Customer Reviews:

Rated 4.5 out of 5áby 325 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5áby Great for the price. Let this be the review that you use to consider whether or not you want to purchase this ping pong table. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I got a little spoiled playing on my step dad's Stiga 4100. If I hadn't before this would've definitely been a 5 star. I notice just a subtle less bounce on this top because it's a 3/4 inch vs. the 1 inch top the 4100 has. Also the 4100 has adjustable feet where this 3100 doesn't. I don't personally care because my garage is totally flat and doesn't need the adjustable feet, where his does. In a nutshell I am COMPLETELY SATISFIED with my decision on this product. I got it for $299. Great deal considering the matching sticker price on other inferior tables. I did A LOT of shopping around, reading reviews, and price matching and came to the conclusion that the 3100 was the best choice for me. There are a lot of great tables out there, but they cost way more. I can say with all the confidence in the world that for price and quality.. this is it. If you're not going to be on the ping pong tour circuit soon playing professionally, but want a GREAT table at a GREAT price.. this is it. More money means more bells and whistles, but for VALUE this is it. Because I read so many reviews I felt obligated to not only write one myself, but to write one that I would have wanted to read while researching for a table. Oh.. ya.. assembly takes about a 6 pack's time to put together.. however if a lengthy assembly is all it takes to keep you away from buying this product.. good. You don't deserve it. And two people is required. Also it is true that some of the hinges need the "flat part" to be reversed. Don't freak out and take the whole thing back for a refund. Just twist the "flat part" of the hinges around to the other side and you'll be able to install it. Thanks for reading, and you're welcome. May 27, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5áby The best table for casual players with an eye for value and quality and time for installation... I scoured the internet and sporting goods stores for the best deal on a great table. I'm not a tournament player (Forrest Gump would polish me off 21-0), and was just looking for something that could provide all the basics (solid table thickness for example) with a few bells and whistles - mainly collapsibility and mobility. This table came up time and again, and so far, it really fits the bill. A few notes... 1. This will not fit in your car. When picking it up to bring home, make sure you have a flatbed truck or a very large pick-up. This thing has some serious girth and serious weight. You will need at least two people to move this thing into your house, and even then it won't be remotely easy. I suggest you find a location on the ground level or downstairs - I would hate to have to move this thing up even one set of stairs. 2. I had no problem during installation, but it did take a lot of time. I'm no Bob Vila, but I have some tools and can tell you you will greatly benefit from a ratchet set, a good Philips screwdriver, and a charged power drill. There are over 100 screws and you can't get at all of them with the drill - in fact the directions frequently suggest you don't use one. 3. Even having all of these, it took me about four hours to assemble this by myself. You WILL need the help of at least one - ideally two - extra people when it comes time to mount the two halves of the table onto the wheeled base. But if you take your time and follow the very detailed directions (great pictures too), you will have no problem. Just don't tackle the thing aggressively and try to figure it out on your own. 4. The table - once constructed - is VERY easy to move if you need to clear up space in a particular room. It collapses and opens well (just use a little care), and can be moved around by one person in no time. The wheels and legs are very sturdy but lightweight, and the table has great stability when opened up for play. Little brakes on the wheels do a great job of locking it into place. All of the pieces seem solid and well-made. I had no problem locating the guide holes for all of the drilling, though I did have to open up the screw holes on the two U-bars. That took two seconds. What could be done better? Well, you will no doubt have the same question I did after spending nearly four hours putting the two halves of the table together - why couldn't they have done all that before putting them in the box, leaving you only to put together the base and attach the tables? The only downside I could think of was that you'd end up paying a higher price. Also, they had stapled a bunch of the parts to the bottom of one of the tables. No problem there, I can see they did it to keep everything together. But did they have to use a high-powered nail gun? The staples don't come out cleanly at all, and I spent more time than I cared to use some good pliers to get those babies out. Also the table surface is easily scuffed when an overeager opponent dives forward to return one of your little drop-shots. But that's how it goes I guess. I can't overstate how heavy this box is. Be very careful when unloading it from your vehicle and moving it around in your home. My brother-in-law and I are in our early 30s and in decent shape and we marveled at how heavy this thing was. THE BOTTOM LINE: This is as good a deal as you'll find on a high quality table that features the added benefits of being collapsible and easily mobile. I spent a lot of time researching this and am very satisfied with what I found. If you've got some time to invest in installation and a buddy who can help you move it around, this is the table to get. Period. December 21, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5áby Great fun! This table has been up just one week and I am having so much fun with it. It's a solid table and well built. I ordered this ping pong table online and drove to the local store with the Honda Odyssey Van to pick it up. Be warned that the box will not fit in a Honda Odyssey. Later, I went back with a friend's commercial van to pick up the table. An open bed truck will work too. The young guys at Dick's struggled to lift the box into the van. The box is at least 220 - 250 pounds. So you will need some help (buddies, brother, son-in-law, daughter's boyfriend) to get this table into the house. It took me 4 - 5 hours to assemble this table with some help from my 9-year old nephew. and, you will need two strong adults to lift the table into the supporting slots. November 12, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Fine Value I spent many hours shopping on line for a good value ping pong table <$400. All things considered, we selected this one. I found the instructions to be very clear and helpful. Nice to find all parts present and in good condition. May be of interest: 1) We picked this up with a Chrysler Town and Country, but you have to open the package to load as the box is too large. (Make sure you protect the interior trim from the table edges). 2) Caution installing the hinges - note the pivot position. I thought the part was handed but it can be reversed if you find you have two "right side hinges" as I did. Suggestion for the manufacture to include in the next revision of instructions. 3) Allow ample time for installation. I used a cordless screwdriver on the lowest torque setting to prevent stripping the 140 small screws - heed all instruction warnings. August 2, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5áby Very practical I love the table. I got it for my birthday and use it almost everyday since. Other reviews talking about taking 6 hours to put together are absolutely true. I spent 7 hours (by myself) putting it together. After it was done it was great, net included. The ability to fold up one side and practice against your self is great, reaction time skyrocketed. Very fun, great buy, great skill to have. October 29, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5áby Great Table - Kids Love it! After looking at tables and reviews for several weeks I decided to give the Stiga ST3100 a try. The table is extremely heavy and definitely requires several adults to load into and out of a vehicle....FYI...just barely fits in the back of a Suburban. There are a lot of reviews complaining about this table being very difficult and time consuming to assemble. I found this to not be the case. It only took an hour and fifteen minutes to assemble and the instructions were very well written. The table was purchased for our two teenage boys and they have been playing on the table non-stop since we set it up. The table also folds up very easily with only one person and appears to be very heavy duty. Others have also indicated that the paint was coming off and ball marks were being left on the table. My boys have well over 20 hours on the table so far and I have not seen any of this. December 8, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Great table - need (2) people to finish I bought this table and put it together 80% alone. I am a rather handy and strong lady, but the last steps of lifting each side of the table and lowering it onto the base requires 2 strong adults. Other than that, you can put this together alone in an afternoon. I had a minor issue with the parts. When I called the manufacturer, they were so helpful! They provided detailed instruction and even sent the replacement part I needed via overnight service at their expense. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the quality and durability of this table. November 6, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5áby Great Table It took two great beers and a friend to put it together. We spent about two hours working on it but about three hours playing on it. It is great for a basement table to play with friends. One thing to make sure you get the balls and racquets, because they are not included. September 6, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5áby Great Table. Easy Assembly. Bought the table on Thanksgiving. Took about 4 hours to put together by myself. My son and wife helped put the tables on the legs but that was easy. Everything was in the box and it only required a few tools. Table is built great. Be careful when raising and lowering as you can chip the table top in the middle if you are not careful. You most likely will need a truck or trailer to pick up. We barely got in the back of a Suburban with everything removed. December 2, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5áby Stiga ST3100 is an excellent bargain I have wanted a ?ping pong? table tennis table since our children were young. Our boys (8 and 6) recently spent significant time playing at Grandma?s and really enjoyed the experience so we decided now was the time. We have a large open living room and a garage so we decided we wanted a table that could be easily moved between the two (living room during the cold, rainy months and garage during the Summer). After a bit of reading up we decided we wanted a table that folded in (stability) instead of up, had a play back position, and wanted at least a 3/4 inch table top. Build quality was important. After seeing that most tables that fit these criteria run $400-$500 we had reserved ourselves to either getting one on Craig?s List or saving up. When we saw the ST3100 and ST4100 go on sale we were convinced to go for this exceptional deal at Dicks. We liked the fact the ST4100 had a full 1 inch top, 5 inch wheels, slightly larger legs and apron, and leg levelers we decided the ST3100 that lacks some of the bells and whistles but has the same general design and build quality fit our budget and skill level best. Here are some select thoughts on this product. Dick?s sales. There are no phone orders so we could not buy over the phone and pick up in a couple days; the gentleman on the phone sounded quite busy and said he could hold for 24 hours but didn?t know how to put that into the system and no one else was available to assist so we ended up picking up first thing the next morning. The staff loaded the product into the cargo van. Transportation. The box is large and bulky (slightly over 5 feet by almost 5 feet). This will not fit in a SUV or most mini-vans. If you have a hitch Uhaul has trailers at affordable rates (under $20) but unless your Dicks is a couple miles away (ours was over 40) the $20 trucks rental is expensive when miles are worked in. After we worked out transportation (Grandpa and Grandma offered to use their cargo van) we learned Home Depot was hourly rentals on trucks at a more affordable rate. This product would NOT fit in the back of our mini-van or side doors. If you have a cargo rack that may work if it is properly secured. Heavy and bulky box. Again, the box is quite large and heavy. If you don?t have at least two strong and able adults you may consider opening the box and carrying the pieces to your place of assembly. After unloading from the van into the garage we opened the box and brought the parts into the living room for assembly. The two playing surfaces were still quite large and, as a dense fiber board, required extra care when moving to avoid damaging a corner or the playing surface. Staples and Packaging. FYI the contents are shielded with scrap fiber board to protect the edges of the table. To box is firmly stabled to these scraps and to the back of one of the table tops. We used pliers to remove the staples carefully but they are very weak and many broke. Some we fished out but a few we had to gently hammer in. Do not leave any staple nubs as they will cut you (one cut my dad?s hand as he helped move the top in). Also there is a board painted black on one side?side not toss this! It is not scrap. 142 screws. There are a lot of bolts and nuts but what stands out is that there are 142 screws and the manual states repeatedly: do NOT use a screw gun. My parents had given me a low torque electric screw driver (not drill) intended for this sort of work which helped. I tried hand screwing the screws at first but it was a LOT of work. After a couple dozen I used the screw driver which worked very well and did not strip a single screw or strip the wood. That said this screw driver is meant for this sort of work and I would not have used our larger DeWalt as it surely would have ripped things up, not to mention it is so bulky it would have been hard to work in some areas. Just be forewarned that you have a lot of screwing ahead of you. And bolting. A 7/16 and 9/16 socket and wrench are highly advisable. Part Quality. We were very impressed with the part quality. The table top was very dense. The caster wheels were nice and all the main assembly parts are solid. The design uses quite a few heavy duty bolts and all the nuts are good quality. The design is also well thought out and the instructions are well done. The only real issues is a couple of the apron parts were scratched and the table top has some scuffing on one top on the net side. The ball holder end caps are chintzy (which is surprising because all the other end caps are very nice) and, while I may have missed it in the fine print, I ended up putting the white arched supports on incorrectly; the indentation needs to be on the interior side as that is where the nut goes and the white plastic washer on the opposite side. As my indentation was incorrect I was stuck placing the washer over the indentation so it does not sit flush. This was not noticed until the top was inserted and screwed in so it was too late to remedy. Apron. A couple reviewers noted putting the apron on last, to which I concur. When I got to that step I realized I would have to pick these massively heavy boards up and gently descend them upon the base, all the while aligning two small tubes. As I knew my only help would be my petite wife and did not want to risk bending the aprons I put these on last. This worked out well. Assembly Time. My dad scoffed at the idea it would take over 2 hours to assemble and that some people reported 4+ assembly times. I wish he had stuck around to see firsthand! With the assistance of an 8 year old it took us 4 hours. My wife did help attach the table top (5 minutes) but outside of that it was just me and my son. I think 2 motivated adults could get this completed in 2 hours given they have all the correct tools from the get go and cheated by using an electric screw driver. The Finished Table. The final product is quite handsome; the black top with white, red, and black powder coated undercarriage with red Stiga and caster wheels is quite modern looking compared to the older green tops on flimsy piping. The table is sturdy?and heavy and yet the table tops unfold quite easily. The design in general is just exceptionally thought out in terms of quality for the price range. Large corner protectors, solid base and wheels and legs, solid wheels with functional breaks, and a nice playing surface round out a killer deal at under three bills on sale. This table is nicer than the $400 tables I have shopped so we are quite pleased. The fact the table comes with a nice net assembly is a plus; we warned this does not come with rackets (paddles) or balls. We already had rackets and balls as we have a Sportscraft set designed to clip onto tables which we found was a good way to see if the children were really interested in table tennis and were coordinated enough to begin play. The fact the 8 year old stuck with assembly the entire time and was up at 5 am ready to play today is a good testament to that. As he helped build the table he has parroted my remarks about the part quality and thinks the table is awesome which, compared to our kitchen table, is. We played for a couple hours after assembly and the ball bounce was good and it played well?no complaints there although it did force me to purchase some orange balls as white balls in our living room (not enough light, white curtains) with this table were too easily lost to the eye. That said there are some draw backs. The 3 inch wheels resist some on our carpet and creek so the 5 inch wheels of the ST4100 would probably be a better choice on carpet. A couple pieces fall short of the impeccable quality of the product (the ball holder ends, the board used to tie the caster beams together). When in the playback position there is a 5 inch or so gap which means some solid shots are going to end up on the floor (this could be remedied with a more proper return board and forgoing the playback position). The table also had a half inch gap when unfolded after popping the braces (which levels the table nicely after lightly tapping the legs outward) and the halves were slightly unlevel but the net resolved this; that said I feel we will need to be exceedingly careful with the net claps as they could damage the table top at the corners if one was careless. We did have some scuffing, some on the table top near the net on one top and the front apron and ball holder had some scratches and black markings that won?t come clean. The tops were slightly bowed which was mostly remedied by screwing in the apron. The design could probably have used small corner protectors on the net sides, some small draw latches to firmly secure both tables together, and a handle for when moving would all be design changes I would suggest. But the biggest suggestion, one we will do ourselves, is a rope to latch the halves together when in storage. As the table is very, very heavy it would be horrible for a child to pull on one of the halves to only have it open it. Having a tie (bungie cord even?) that connects the two halves to prevent unwanted unfolding would be a great safety feature. We chose a table that folds in (instead of up) for stability to be more compact and safer and we are pleased in these regards with the ST3100 but this is one change we plan to make to ensure it is as safe as possible. Overall the Stiga Master Series ST3100 is a very handsome table tennis table and we are more than pleased with the quality considering this is slotted into the beginner/hobbiest price range. It requires significant effort to assembly but the finished product, and savings, are well worth the investment. January 2, 2013
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