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EPIC A35T Treadmill - Dick's Sporting Goods
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Product Information:

Ideal for runners, the EPIC A35T Treadmill combines durability and cutting-edge technology with a 3.5 continuous horsepower (CHP) motor to support your most intense workouts. Enjoy 40 pre-set workouts and Google technology with Google satellite, street and map view (powered by Google Maps) to simulate a real-life ride. ActiveAdjust lets you adjust the position of the console, and SafeZone senses anything approaching the machine and shuts down.

  • Ideal for runners with 3.5 continuous horsepower (CHP) motor
  • Features 40 preset workout apps (10 high intensity, 10 speed, 10 incline, 10 calorie burn)
  • iFit® technology with racetrack simulation, workout apps matrix and message center
  • Basic iFit® subscription is free / premium subscription available for purchase
  • ActiveAdjust™ console for repositioning console
  • SafeZone™ senses approaching children and pets and gradually powers OFF
  • Quick touch handle controls for adjusting incline, decline and speed
  • Non-stretch, 2-ply commercial belt
  • Adjustable, oversized EnergyReturn cushioning
  • 7" full-color touch display with Google satellite, street and map view (powered by Google Maps™)
  • Internet TV interactivity capabilities
  • EKG™ grip-pulse heart rate monitor
  • iPod® compatible audio with two 3" speakers
  • CoolAire™ workout fan
  • SpaceSaver® design, EasyLift™ Assist, transport wheels and 2.5" front/3" rear balanced non-flex rollers
  • Includes video workouts and chest strap
  • Manufacturer's warranty: Lifetime frame and motor, 3 years parts, 1 year labor
  • Model: EPTL14112
  • EPIC

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  • Maximum user capacity: 400 lbs
  • Motor: 3.5 CHP Eon 5 drive system
  • Speed levels: 0-12 MPH
  • Incline levels: 0-15
  • Decline levels: -3%
  • Belt size: 20" Width x 60" Length
Country of Origin: United States
Web ID: 13025723

Customer Reviews:

Rated 2.3 out of 5 by 33 reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by CAUTION: DO NOT BUY THIS TREADMILL This is the absolute worst purchase I have made in my entire life. In the first month after purchasing this awful machine, the console crashed while trying to update the firmware and would not come back up. After weeks of trying to get it to work myself, I finally called the manufacturer's warranty service company ICON SERVICE (which always takes an hour or more because they give you the runaround as they pretend to know how treadmills work). They sent me a new console which came about 10 days later and a tech which came a week after that. He replaced the console and we were up and running... just not at a consistent speed. That's right, this treadmill's motor will not stay at any given speed, at least that's the case for the one I ended up with. I'll be walking fast with speed set to 4.0 and suddenly it will slow down for about a minute to what feels like a 1.0, although the console still reads 4.0. Then it will speed up again and go way past 4.0 to the point where I have to go into a full run to keep up. All the while, the console still reads 4.0. And when I set it to 6.0 because I want to run, sometimes it slows down to a walking pace but worse, it will often speed up to a pace where I can barely keep up, which is just dangerous. The only way I have been able to workout on this thing is to ride the speed levels the entire time which is no way to workout. But here's the bigger problem: In 8 months, the service company, ICON SERVICE, has replaced the console, the controller, the motor, the controller again, added an electricity filter, and adjusted the belt and this speed fluctuation problem has remained. Now they are saying that a little lube on the belt and a new "reed switch" should do the trick. For some odd reason, I don't believe them. The one thing they won't replace: the defective treadmill itself. As bad as this treadmill is, the warranty service provided by ICON SERVICE is even worse. Buyers, there are a lot of choices in treadmills. Don't go anywhere near this brand. July 18, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Terrible Experience I will never buy an Epic product again. The treadmill was easy enough to assemble; however, it did not come with an activation code for iFit. (BTW ? this is only free for one year and then there is an $89/year charge.) The help line is anything but helpful. I was on hold for 20 minutes before I hung up and called again only to be told that that department was closed. It took three more phone calls over three days to get the activation code. They closed earlier than stated on their hours of operation However, once I activated it, the actual treadmill itself did not work at all ? nothing, the belt, the incline, the fan, the volume ? no movement . More phone calls. Finally got someone who said she would send a new console. A week and a half later the part arrives. Another half a week for the technician to install it. Five minutes after he left, it got stuck and neither the speed nor the incline could be changed. I had to unplug it to turn the thing off. I called back twice and still have not heard back from the technician and it has been over a week since my last phone call. I disassembled it and brought it back to Dick's where I was informed that they normally do not take treadmills back. Thankfully they did take it back. October 15, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Solid Treadmill, with a few areas for improvement First, I travel for work 150+ nights a year, and I run on a lot of different treadmills. This unit replaced a NordicTrack I bought about 10 years ago. Overall, I am very impressed with the Epic A35t. First, it offers really good cushioning. It also is very sturdy feeling and inclines/declines/speeds up/down in a very smooth manner. From a running standpoint, it does a great job, and my knees are very pleased. While I was annoyed that it only came with a 1 year membership to Ifit, I actually kind of like the service. I have been able to create a couple goals/workouts, and the setup was extremely easy. I haven't quite mastered how to update the workouts in my queue, but it seems pretty easy. Now, for the less than perfect. First, the unit had a minor squeak for the first few miles. It seems to have gone away, but if it comes back, I will be calling Epic. I also had a few instances where it increased the speed just a little bit on its own--not drastic, but not sure why it did it. I also think the screen should be bigger, but I guess if it was no one would buy the step up model. The touchscreen can be a little funky too, but pretty good. Overall, and especially for the price, I would definitely recommend this brand and model. The only other brand I considered was NordicTrack, and to get something that was reasonably better, it would have been an additional 40%. If you can get this on sale (1699 seems way high), then I would go for it. We grabbed it for right around 1,350--great price point for a great unit. Oh, and the setup/delivery was free----they did an amazingly good job. In and out of the house in 30 minutes. January 26, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Don't Buy This Machine Right out of the box this machine has had problems. I had it delivered and set up for me and all that went well. However the first time I used it the incline didn't work right. It would go up, but when putting it back to 0 it would go up more. It took some fiddling with to get it back to 0. I've calibrated it several times and still nothing. That's not the worse part. I was just walking at speed 4 and it jump to 11. I reset it to 4 and a little later it jumped to 8. The help line said they are going to send me an updated firmware to install manually because sometimes doing it over the wifi causes glitches. Really? that's your answer? November 15, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent. Just ask the right questions I knew what to expect with this because I asked a LOT of questions. I knew that I would be required to get a subscription to I FIT, because I asked. I asked ahead of time about shipping. The people at the store were very honest about the poor shipping and delivery they had in the past. However, they told me a new person was providing the delivery, would bring it to my house (50 miles away from the store) and would set it up. The delivery was set up the afternoon of my purchase. The delivery came as scheduled, the deliverer put it in the basement, set it up, and showed us the basics. Excellent experience and excellent equipment. Just do your homework and be thorough. November 12, 2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great treadmill but patience required First of all, let me say I absolutely love my new treadmill. I purchased the EPIC A35 mainly for the Ifit Live feature. I am not an athletic person and the concept of an organized approach to fitness with progressive work outs was exactly what I was looking for. I did a lot of research amongst the various brands (all made by the same manufacturer as this one) and chose this one because I was able to try it out in the store. The staff at my local Dick's Sporting Goods was incredibly helpful and answered my numerous questions. I paid for the in-home delivery service because the item is extremely heavy and I wanted to be sure that there were no assembly issues. The delivery team was prompt, professional and courteous and the treadmill was together within a half an hour. There was an issue with two precut covers not fitting over the base of the treadmill, but it did not prevent me from using the treadmill. The team ordered replacements which arrived within a week. They will be returning to place these where they belong. I also purchased the extended warranty and HIGHLY recommend this after preivously having had a defective treadmill from another retailer. As for the Ifit Live, I absolute love this feature. The workouts I have tried are great and I love knowing that I am progressing with every work out. Please note though, that it does require patience. If you have patience and are willing to work through the little glitches, the benefits of using it are truly there. For starters, the touch screen is not as easy to use as tablet. I only notice this with logging in and out of Ifit. Otherwise, it is fine. There are times when I have to depress the letter keys to log in very firmly, other times the slightest touch works. Sometimes even when I am on the letter screen, it will type in a number. In order to type in the password, I always have to depress both thumbs simultaneously and very firmly on each end of the password field so that I can begin typing in the password. So far, the most attempts it has taken is four. In order to minimize login frustration, choose a short login and a short password if you can. I have followed the instructions of always shutting the treadmill off and unplugging the treadmill in order to avoid any potential issues from a power surge. At the end of each work out, I always double check to make sure that I am at zero incline before powering off and unplugging. Powering up does take a few minutes, so I usually plug it in and turn it on and then change into my work out clothes so that everything is ready to go once I am ready. When dowloading the workouts from Ifit, I recommend not downloading more than you can do because if you don't do a work out that is in the queque, it essentially disappears and you end up "advancing" without having done the preceding work out. This is particularly important with the progressive workouts, like the Jillian Michaels or 30/60 day ones where multiple workouts are download all at once into the queque. For example, if you download Jillian Michaels Power Walking and Jillian Michaels Get fit, each day you will need to do two workouts . If you don't do one of the workouts and do not advance it to the next day before the day you were supposed to do the workout is over, it will not be in your queque the next day. I recommend logging in to your Ifit account on your laptop daily for all of this, since it's so much easierto move the workouts forward on this than trying to do it from the treadmill. All in all I am very happy with my purchasea and am looking forward to using my treadmill for years to come. The little glitches and nuances with Ifit are well worth it to me in the long run. I have the extended warranty and can always obtain service, if necessary. September 17, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by all good except for expansive use of android screen and ifit, etc. the machine is great. I suppose that I could have set it up myself but did pay $65 extra for that too and now am glad I did as it is set up completely correct. machine works quietly and flawlessly. my 10th grader uses it for running. I use it from speed walking/cardio related, etc. the capacity of the android screen is quite limited. though it quickly goes to the android apps screen via google--it does not download or manage any android (or other) apps whatsoever. :( Virtual keyboard is small and hard also for my large fingers to consistently hit all the right keys on small lower screen keyboard. it does keep the memory to log itself in to wifi if the machine is completely shut off; but, anytime you want to go on ifit, you must reenter your password/username to again get back into your web based ifit account--doesn't keep it in memory. I agree with another reviewer here that ifit is something to be dealt with---limited options in the first year will even cost you if you want to be a member into the second, etc. there are two samples upfront that aren't too exciting, but, thereafter has to be purchased. also, you can invent your own walks/runs too; but, I found that once I determined path and direction via the google realted screen, ifit also wanted to charge me for what I had created. screen use for basic treadmill functions, however, works very very well.... I use my tablet and put it in the book holder for the rest. also doesn't run other items such as netflix or intune (web based radio,etc.# as I had hoped; but, I use my tablet and put it on the book holder instead. it has preprogrammed to go quick access to msnbc, cnn and other similar sites; but, it is hard to stay attentive as screen size is an issue for my eyes. chest strap needed a new battery from day one. also is compatible with my polar strap that came with my watch. nice. speakers for sound aren't the best but are nice in that they do add amplification to my use of either my phone or tablet as I choose, and work for what I use it for here...... built in fan is too low for my height. I still use it as well as my own table top fan on pedestal drawer piece we have to get it up high enough to blow....... This machine is sound, durable, and compatible to those that I have been used to using at the fitness center until we started with this now at home....... Generally, very pleased with my purchase. I did also buy the four year warranty plan ----just in case....#but two months into this, I haven't used it so far...love the larger motor though....... :) January 28, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Easy to use & quiet I like that this treadmill is so easy to use. Yes, it has all the more advanced features, such as pre-set programs and workouts, but I really prefer to make up my workout routine as I go. The layout of the display board allows me to do that with a simple touch. No getting off the machine, no digging out the manual, etc. I just start it up and gradually increase the speed to what I'm comfortable with. As I warm up and get into my routine, I just reach out and up my incline or speed as I see fit. All the information I want is right there in easy to read format. Whether its calories burned, distance, time, or laps; its easy to see. Nothing complicated about it. Its also quiet. This is important for two reasons. One, I live in an upstairs apartment, and my downstairs neighbor says he can't hear a thing. And two, I don't want the noise of the treadmill to compete with any music I might be listening to. I'd definitely recommend this treadmill to anyone who was interested in buying one. June 24, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Ifit Live a Joke! The treadmill is great for walking or running. I was disappointed in Ifit Live. Everytime I connect to wifi I get disconnected. I'm training for a marathon and thought it would be neat to use Ifit live but can't. Epic I would cancel your contract with Ifit live and quit marketing it. It is a joke! Don't buy this treadmill if you are wanting to use Ifit live. December 8, 2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Worst Treadmill Ever I purchased this treadmlll last month to replace a treadmill we had for 15 years wihch finally just broke. I am an avid runner and racer, and I like to have the option of running in my basement when the weather is bad, especially in winter. At first we were impressed with the set up and delivery since they were prompt and efficient, however, from my first run until today, the treadmill squeaks relentlessly. I spoke with EPIC twice about this. The first time they said it needed to be run on more to get the internal lubrication of the machine going; this would take at least a week. They also said they would send out a lube kit so I could use it to get things less squeaky in the meantime. Lube kit did not work, nor did running on it more. After another phone call, they said they would send out parts and set up for a technician to come to the house after we received the parts. It has been over a week and no parts. This morming, the machine said it needed to do an update and now has been stuck in "Initializing Update" mode for over 2 hours. Even if I unplug the machine, it still has this when I plug it back in. This whole thing has been frustrating to say the least and not worth the money or hassle. March 8, 2013
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