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Product Information:

With a 4.2 continuous horsepower (CHP) motor, the EPIC A42T Platinum Treadmill is the most powerful treadmill in the EPIC line, making it every runner's dream. Voted Best New Treadmill 2013 by the Treadmill Doctor with its advanced technology, like 45 workouts and Google satellite, both street and map views (powered by Google Maps). ActiveAdjust moves the console, and SafeZone senses anything approaching the A42T and shuts down.

  • Treadmill Doctor's Best Buy Winner for best new treadmill 2013
  • Most powerful in the EPIC line with 4.2 continuous horsepower (CHP) motor
  • Features 45 preset workout apps (12 high intensity, 12 speed, 11 incline, 10 calorie burn)
  • iFit® technology with racetrack simulation, workout apps matrix and message center
  • Basic iFit® subscription is free / premium subscription available for purchase
  • ActiveAdjust™ console for repositioning console
  • SafeZone™ senses approaching children and pets and gradually powers OFF
  • Quick touch handle controls for adjusting incline and speed
  • Non-stretch, 2-ply commercial belt
  • Adjustable, oversized EnergyReturn cushioning
  • 10" full-color touch display with Google satellite, street and map view (powered by Google Maps™)
  • Internet TV interactivity capabilities
  • EKG™ grip-pulse heart rate monitor
  • iPod® compatible audio with two 3" speakers
  • CoolAire™ workout fan
  • SpaceSaver® design, EasyLift™ Assist and 2.5" front/3" rear balanced non-flex rollers
  • Includes video workouts and chest strap
  • Manufacturer's warranty: Lifetime frame and motor, 5 years parts, 2 years labor
  • Model: EPTL20912
  • EPIC

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  • Maximum user capacity: 400 lbs
  • Motor: 4.2 CHP Eon 5 drive system
  • Speed levels: 0-12 MPH
  • Incline levels: 0-15
  • Decline levels: -3%
  • Belt size: 20" Width x 60" Length
Country of Origin: United States
Web ID: 13025724

Customer Reviews:

Rated 4 out of 5 by 27 reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by WORST Customer Service and Quality Control I would like to share my customer service experience with Epic Fitness and my conversations with their CS center based in Utah today. Based upon my repeat interactions with them, I cannot recommend strongly enough to stay away from their products or services. We purchased a new Epic A42T Sport from Dicks Sporting Goods. It was delivered to my home on March 20th. After having it for about 2 weeks, (April 3rd) if I remember correctly, the software failed to update and the tablet portion of it went caput. Because the android overlay runs even the rudimentary functions of the treadmill, I cannot use it. Following the directions in my manual, I contacted Epic's tech support. I spoke with a very helpful agent who did all of the android troubleshooting with me, but it failed to resolve the situation. This conversation occurred on April 5th. I was elated when he said he would rush a replacement part to me to resolve my issues and that it would ship by the following monday (4/8). He took my email address so that I could receive a shipping confirmation and track the package via UPS from their warehouse/factory in Utah. Monday came and went and I received no tracking number. Tuesday I called again, provided my order number and was told my item was indeed expedited but there had been a problem. I was assured my unit was being tested and as soon as it passed QC it would be processed out and would ship, by friday (4/12). Today as I still have no shipping number I called again to follow up. Jessica, the agent I spoke with said that it was still in processing and that it was already expedited, that it was to ship UPS 3 day; but she could not share with me a ship date as she didn't know. I requested to speak with a supervisor, by whom I was told Jessica put the expedite in on my part, but that was the most he could do to speed up my repair and situation. He further stated that an expedited order can take up to 2 weeks to process and leave the warehouse. I asked to take that train back to the depot, I was from the weekend to process (10 days ago), to now 2 weeks to process, from today. Lets add that up folks, that's 24 days from my report of problem for them to finally ship. Add on 3 days for "Expedited UPS Shipping" we're up to 27 days from today to resolve something that I asked for to be repaired on 4/5. Now I'm looking at 5/1 as the date I should be receiving my replacement parts. My original estimate was that the item would ship by 4/8 and take 3-5 days to get to me (4/12 or 4/15). When I asked how to expedite request further, considering I haven't even owned this treadmill for 1 month, the supervisor at Epic Fit stated he's the last line of escalation, I could email the office of the president at epic fitness. I will do so, but I'm also doing what every consumer should do and sharing my experience with the public. I will be contacting Dick's Sporting Goods to see if they have a better solution and I will be emailing the office of the president as was suggested, but I'm also putting my review of my experience on every site I can find that sells their equipment. Some important take aways from my conversation with the "supervisor". I asked if all calls were recorded as they are in most major call centers, upon advising me that they were I asked some very direct questions and got some very indirect answers. I asked "Do you find it acceptable that the 'best' you can do for me today is to expedite my repair order as has already been done, having me repaired by May 1st, a full 27 days after I made you aware of the problem?" He refused to answer as to what he found acceptable. I pressed the issue asking if this was 'normal' procedure. He advised this was not, that it was expedited procedures. I did very clearly read back his estimates, that it will be 2 weeks for my part to 'process, test and ship', and that his UPS Expedited Shipping is 3 day delivery, and that that would mean 17 days from today. He said you can assume that. I asked why it was an assumption, I repeated back that he told me 2 weeks to process and 3 days to ship means 17 days from today. He finally concurred. I then pointed out that it's already been 10 days, so that puts my total repair time to 27 days. He refused to aknowledge my analysis of the sitation, but I did repeat it back several times to ensure it was on the call center recording, if they indeed made one. I then asked is it normal policy then for Epic Fitness to take a month, give or take a few days, to repair their equipment, that their manual and website did not give any time estimates. He stated he could not tell me what Epic policy was. I asked who could, he again referred me to the office of the president. Because of this issue, I cannot endorse any product by Epic Fitness. I hope that Dick's Sporting Goods stops carrying it. Please feel free to copy and past this review to any other reviews you may see of Epic products, because unlike Epic, I will stand behind my word and my convictions. April 15, 2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Do not buy Delivery was a breeze - guys setting up machine were great. However, the handlebars did not raise and the buttons on the console were hit or miss whether they worked or not. The delivery guys tried to contact Icon with difficulty - it took 2 weeks of calls to finally have a work order produced. 3 more weeks for a serviceman to repair unit but only partially. The console still did not respond to touch and the repaired arm sounded like a freight train when lowering. I once again called customer service and after troubleshooting they decided to send another part that "might" fix the problem. The part is on back order (unbelievable) and it will take another 3 weeks to ship once in stock. For the life of me I can't explain why the company wouldn't just send another machine and problem solve at their facility or at least send all the parts at once to work on. This is a waste of my time and I am frustrated that I paid over $2000 for a machine that doesn't work! April 29, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by So far so good I purchased this product in store and decided to have them load it up in my truck so I could take it home immediately. I thought I might be able to handle this thing myself by un-boxing it and setting it up where I wanted it, but the deck and the main frame with the arm posts are all connected so it is difficult to move solo. That being said it is possible to move it by yourself if you're rolling (on a hand truck or you can attach the two little wheel extensions on the frame) it into a garage or somewhere easily accessible. Taking it through a door we turned it sideways to have greater clearance and carried it in. Once in place, I think there was 8 steps or so in assembling it. It came with two sizes of allen wrenches for use with the bolts. The bolts were packages and labeled for use with each step they would be needed in. I think I used a socket wrench 14mm along with the allen wrench to hold the bolt while attaching the support arm used for folding up the deck. Another spot where an extra set of hands was useful was in attaching the console and connecting some wires and then bolting it down. Overall the assembly is pretty straightforward and easy. There is an iFit integration with the website. There is a $99 a year subscription and a basic one that is free. I'm not sure what the differences are between them. I had gone ahead and purchased the $99 subscription while in the store and it prints out a code for you to use. On the website you enter the code as you register for a new account under the button called (Activate One Year Free with Provided Code) I don't know why it's called free since I paid for the code, maybe some places give you a code to use so that may be something to check into? Also, I initially created a basic account but could not find a place to enter the code into, there was a section to extend the subscription but it wanted your credit card like it was to pay for the extension there. So, if you have a code I think you need to do the activate one year option above. (They are revamping the website this week so maybe things will change with how that works) Using iFit, you will need to setup the wireless settings to connect to your network. Then you can login to your iFit account. If you then go to the website make sure your treadmill is selected under Choose Equipment (it shows up as Treadmill 10" PC in my list) on your computer you can pick a workout from one of the trainers like Jillian Michaels and in the list there you should see a button to Save Send Workouts to my Schedule. Initially I didn't see that button there which may have been because of the equipment selection so make sure you have it selected. Once it's in your schedule you should then see it on your treadmill, I believe I see the listing under the Weight Loss section. After the assembly the treadmill is working right out of the box as expected. I did notice buried in the manual under a section about the update time (time it checks to update your firmware) that you still have to unplug the treadmill after use so pick a time that the treadmill will be powered. I don't think I saw the mention of unplugging the treadmill anywhere else so that is something to keep in mind. I'm not sure how it really affects the life of the circuitry in there by leaving it connected. I did hook it up to a surge protector so I can turn it off easy. Hope this info is of some use. November 20, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by No more boredom My wife and I have been using this treadmill for just a few days, but so far it is a great improvement from our last one. My problem has been staying motivated and this machine with internet capabilities seems to be the answer. The ability to use IFit workouts as well as other excellent built in workouts helps to make workout time fly by. The treadmill appears to be very well built, but also quite heavy. Installation was a major hurdle as we had to get it thru normal width bedroom doors which we finally did. I recommend professional in place installation however....much easier. All in all so far this appears to be a very fine treadmill and should last and keep our interest for years of healthy exercise. January 24, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great treadmill, iFit could be more user friendly Purchased this almost 2 weeks ago, and overall I am very pleased with the purchase. I was getting discouraged reading treadmill reviews, after a while reading forums it starts to seem like unless you spend $5k-10k your going to get a piece of junk. They must have been referring to treadmills other than this one. My wife and I have both used it almost every day since we got it. The longest trip taken on it so far was a little over 7 miles and it was flawless the entire time. Pros: -Very comfortable ride, I can use it longer and more frequently than when I used to use the commercial precors at the gym. -Strong motor has no problem keeping up -iFit workouts give good variety and "entertainment" -Range of incline is more than adequate -Reasonably quiet. It makes noise of course, especially when running, but not loud enough that it overpowers the TV or music Cons: -iFit and the console in general have some issues. It's difficult to push buttons on the touchscreen when they're close to the edge. Sometimes the speed will stop tracking the workout, and won't track again until you restart the program (which is especially frustrating when it stops tracking after a couple miles into the workout) -Plugging an mp3 player into the port to use the treadmills speakers results in poor sound quality -Web browser does not have zoom, and if you return to the workout and go back to the web browser, it is no longer on the page you left. -Memory settings for screen tilt and console height erase almost immediately -Incline adjustment is a little slow Summary: There are cons, but they are all things that I don't really care about. I wanted a sturdy machine that won't struggle at higher speeds, and that wasn't $5,000. I got it in this treadmill. Very happy with the purchase April 16, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good Treadmill for the Money We've only been using this treadmill for two days now, but so far it's a good machine for the price paid. Overall, it feels fairly sturdy and runs smoothly. The tech gadgets is what drew usti it and keeps you motivated to run. Just don't buy this machine if you're a Jillian Michaels fan and think she'll be running with you. That part is a bunch of hype, but it's nonetheless a good buy. As with anything I get my hands on, I can find problems and things to improve on (common sense isn't very common nowadays), but my wife loves it so I'm happy. After looking at so many treadmills - up to $10k - we chose this one for the look, feel, options, price, value, tech features, and overall usability experience. The adjustable hight and tilt of the console is nonexistent in other, much pricier, treadmills, and is worth a look.The biggest complaint I have is the noise level which, while bearable, is a bit loud. However, I'm waiting to see how that improves upon proper break-in of the belt and motor. January 18, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Epic treadmill is a great buy I purchased this Epic treadmill after a great deal of research. I purchased a Smooth treadmill back on Feb 2nd. They were rated the #1 treadmill and I thought a great deal. It was April 15th and I still had no treadmill as they have been on back order! I did more research and went to view this Epic. This has great features including the option for IFit. If you want a treadmill with great programs, hearty motor and some of the best options available, then this is your machine. So far I've had no issues at all. I have a Dick's reward card and even saved another $60 with reward rebates. Overall a great experience at Dick's as they were very friendly and helpful. A good buy and great purchase! April 23, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by EPIC A42T Treadmill I have finally upgraded from my 7 yr old Pro-Form treadmill which has been a loyal and trusty work horse. I researched the EPIC A42T treadmill for approximately 1 yr deciding if I wanted to spend that kind of money on a treadmill. I finally pulled the trigger and really looking forward to the fitness routines as I slowly transition out of distance running... Pros: Good belt with smooth run No shaking Long platform for those all out sprints Adjustable hight for console/hand rails Console pretty intuitive...didn't have to break out the manual. Lots of programs! Even w/o iFit subscription HR monitor included Screen is big and clear Speakers are good (not great# Folds up #however you do need a bit of room to open it up#. Cons: Belt start and stop is very sudden #about launched me the first time) iFit subscription is $100 per year Very heavy 320lbs To get the "Gucci" programs you have to pay (and why pay $2200 for a treadmill and stick with the pre-programmed stuff!) The iGoogle is literally "street view"...like running down the middle of the street. Ran the Paris demo and it wasn't so great with all the traffic. There is a 10sec lag/jump in the iGoogle so it isn't smooth viewing on your run #1 BIGGEST COMPLAINT!~ You can NOT enter your weight in the pre-programmed "weightloss" program or any program for that matter. I think the demo Jillian Michaels weightloss programs asks for weight, not sure if that is standard on all iFit programs. It comes with approx 12 "weightloss" programs with varying "calorie burns"...however there is no way to enter your weight. There is a big difference between my husband (200lbs) and myself (130lbs) on a 250 calorie program...we are going to burn very different calories doing the same routine. Had a test run and very pleased with it (as long as I am not trying to count calories...have resorted to using a seperate HR monitor that is unfortunately not compatible that tracks calories). Programs were challenging and fun. March 11, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Excellent Treadmill, Excellent Support; iFit Lags I?ve had this treadmill for over ten months now, and my enthusiasm for this product remains strong. The frame is rock-solid and the power train is robust. The running deck is extremely comfortable - cushioned without feeling bouncy - and the noise level is minimal. The ability to change the height and tilt of the console was an unexpected bonus. I like using the built-in speakers for audiobooks and podcasts, but for music I much prefer an iPod docking station located close by. When I first got the treadmill, the speed changes were abrupt - hang on to the safety handles! - but that changed long ago. Epic updates the treadmill?s firmware regularly, and speed changes are now more gradual. Or at least that?s how it seems to me. The console display and view options on the A42T are nothing short of superlative. Depending on the type of workout you?re engaged in (e.g., Google map, goal-driven, programmed, manual) there will be anywhere from three to five available screen displays that you can cycle through by swiping left or right across the screen. These include your choice of Google street view, map view or satellite view in map-driven workouts; a generous lookahead of upcoming incline changes in map-driven workouts, or upcoming speed and elevation changes in programmed workouts; the proverbial quarter-mile track; a dashboard-type display of all current running metrics; and customized displays for the various types of goal-driven workouts (time, distance, calories, or pace). Individual readouts on the display allow even more flexibility. For example, the upper lefthand corner of the screen shows elapsed time by default. Pressing this button cycles through time remaining (in a programmed workout), pace, and average speed. Pressing the upper righthand corner of the screen cycles through miles run (the default), miles to go (in a programmed workout), and cumulative elevation. Pressing the middle button cycles through calories burned, current calorie consumption per hour, and heart rate. And when you?re done, the completed workout is automatically uploaded to your free or paid iFit account. ?Which brings up two issues: electronics and iFit. (I?ll save iFit for later.) I had no problem connecting the treadmill to my home wi-fi network and linking the treadmill to my iFit account. I?ve encountered only minor issues, none of which persisted, relating to logons, firmware updates and map downloads. These short-lived hiccups are the sort of stuff one runs into with any device connected to a wi-fi network. My good experience in this area may be attributable to the fact that I extended my wireless network by installing a wireless access point in my basement specifically to accommodate the treadmill. The A42T comes with 46 built-in workouts plus two video workouts. It?s interesting how Epic approached the issue of allowing users to alter the built-in workouts. Some club machines have a small number of built-in workouts but let the user adjust the overall ?level? of the program. Another treadmill I?ve used allows the user to alter the speed or incline of an individual workout segment, but reverts to the programmed speed and incline in the next workout segment. Epic took a middle ground. You can alter the speed or incline at any time during a programmed workout, and your changes stick until you push the ?Follow Workout? button that appears whenever you?ve made a change. For example, if you?re having trouble keeping up with the incline in a built-in workout, you can set the incline to a lesser grade until you?re ready to return to the programmed incline changes. A huge selling point of A42T is the download or creation of map-based workouts via iFit and Google maps. (This requires the paid version of iFit.) You can draw a route on either the treadmill or your computer, or download a wide variety of free and paid routes from the iFit web site, including a free ?workout of the day.? This gives you an infinite variety of programmed workouts, but eventually the novelty wears thin. I find it most motivating to create routes of places I already know. And persons training for a race can run the route indoors. As you run, the console displays static images that change every 4-5 seconds. The incline changes automatically to correspond to the terrain, which is where the decline capability of the A42T shines: the treadmill does a good job of simulating the uphills and downhills of running outdoors. You manually control the speed. The image quality is pretty good, but the overall experience is just not that immersive on a 10? screen. Also, a large number of the street view images face rearward, into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, and despite a huge number of user requests, iFit does not allow you to map out a long route and run it in stages. Although iFit lets you program your own time- or distance-based workouts on the web site, the user interface for setting speed and incline levels is so cumbersome as to be virtually unusable. iFit for many months has noted its plans to produce additional video programs but so far has not delivered. And much of the statistical data displayed on the web site is difficult to understand. So the pattern I?ve fallen into is to buy a month or two of premium iFit; let it lapse for a while and just use the free version; and re-up for premium when I have a hankering again for map-based workouts. The built-in web browser is slow and stodgy. I can?t imagine even trying to use it while running (as opposed to walking). There is no zoom function to enlarge text. And try as I might, I was unable to play video from Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Prime or any other popular site on the web browser, and my help request to iFit went unanswered. Epic?s customer service is excellent. The phone reps are based in Utah and are genuinely helpful. I had problems getting the treadmill to reliably display my heart rate when using the chest strap sensor. This was very important to me. After a substitute chest strap didn?t resolve the situation, Epic arranged for several service calls and replaced lots of parts. Ultimately the problem was corrected, and my heart rate now displays properly. (Note: At the time I bought this unit, none of the Icon treadmills offered heart rate-based *programs*.) Unfortunately, the fan in the replacement console is louder than the fan in the original. Button presses are not always recognized. And the pulse-grip heart beat sensors never worked right, even after several parts replacements. All in all, the A42T is a solid performer with some really cool features that more than meets my needs. iFit, though, needs more attention from Icon than it?s getting. May 3, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by No bang for the buck We bought this treadmill after our old treadmill quite working (about 7 years old). The treadmill was easy to assemble and has a strong motor. The biggest problem we found when using one of the programs you will see a graph indicating the incline and speed you will have. The graph consist of linear lines and a graph bar goes from a speed of about 5 increments. My daughter was running on the treadmill and it went from 4 mph to a quick 8 mph without giving any warning like our old model would tell by a series of beeps. She jumped off and after pulling the safety tag, it keep going. I spoke to the manufactures and they didn't have any answers. The incline never seem to sync up even after multiple times of calibrating it. I even had to pull out the leveler. The last problem that broke our back was an attempt to adjust the console to a different height. The motor would grind and it would not move. All of this within about six weeks. We definitely did not like the surprises in the program workouts. I am sure some people have had good luck with their machines, but this wasn't one of them! February 12, 2014
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