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Product Information:

Get a total body workout and improve your appearance with the SOLE E35 Elliptical. Trim and tone with 20 levels of resistance and incline levels while also tracking your heart rate with built-in pulse sensors on the stationary handlebars. Other features include an adjustable, electronic console with a 7.5-inch LCD display, built-in fans to keep you cool, and 15-inch pedals with 2-degree inward slopes to lessen the impact during your routine.

  • Power adjustable elliptical with front drive system
  • 10 integrated workouts to fit your training needs (6 Standard, 2 User Defined, 2 Heart Rate)
  • 20 levels of resistance and incline levels to maximize workout and target specific muscles
  • 7.5" LCD display accurately shows fitness essentials
  • Adjustable 15" pedals with 2-degree inward slope to mimic natural stride, lessen impact
  • Pulse grip heart rate monitor and chest strap compatible to track heart rate
  • Built-in fan keeps you cool during your workout
  • Whisper quiet drive system allows for a fluid, natural motion
  • Pedals function forward and backward to diversify workouts and target various muscle groups
  • Built-in sound system with 2 way cable for iPod or MP3 player connection
  • Water bottle holder for hydration
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: Lifetime frame, 5 years electronics and parts, 2 years labor
  • Model: E35-2013
  • Sole

For additional information relating to the Manufacturer's Warranty, please contact 1-866-697-6531.


  • Maximum user capacity: 375 lbs
  • Elliptical weight: 215 lbs
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • Display: 7.5" LCD, backlit blue
  • Adjustable Console: Up / Down
  • Maximum Stride Length: 22"
  • Drive System: Front
  • Adjustable Stride: Power Adjustable
  • Heart Rate Technology: Pulse grips and heart rate control programs, wireless chest straps compatible (included)
  • Built-in Fan: Yes
  • Pedal Size: 15"
  • Adjustable Pedals: Yes; 3 Position Pin
  • Frame: 83" Length x 27" Width x 58" Height
  • Flywheel: 29 lbs
  • Accessories: iPod / MP3 player and earphone connection, cup holders
  • Power Source: AC Power Cord
  • Voltage: 110
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Web ID: 21339016

Customer Reviews:

Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 133 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Well Built Elliptical We looked at a number of elliptical machines as we were trying decide which one to purchase. After looking around and reading numerous reviews, we determined that our initial intention of spending about $800 wasn't going to buy a reliable machine with the features we wanted. After upping our budget a bit, we looked at the Sole E35 and were immediately impressed by the build quality, the fact that the company stands behind it with a 5 years parts warranty including the electronics, and the fact that in the vast majority of reviews the Sole customer service people were very responsive and helpful. It's worth noting that we looked at this machine in three different Dick's Sporting Goods stores in the area over the course of a couple of weeks of shopping, and all of the three display units were not very well maintained... loose parts, scraped wheel tracks and squeaks. But looking at the way the E35 is built, we were still impressed with it even though the stores didn't do a very good job on presentation, so we decided to make the purchase. Our Sole E35 was delivered yesterday afternoon, and this morning I spent a few hours unpacking and getting it assembled. The two guys who delivered it kindly carried the 260 lb box down the hill around to the back of the house and placed it in our walk-out basement where we have our gym. Unpacking was straightforward, and everything was VERY well packed and protected. This elliptical is made in Taiwan rather than mainland China like most others, and the quality of the packing materials made a very good first impression. Each part was in its own recyclable plastic bag, and everything was very well supported by styrofoam, heavy cardboard and plastic stiffeners, and the smaller cardboard boxes containing the misc parts. Although I hate that styrofoam isn't environmentally friendly, at least it wasn't the China variety that makes a zillion little particles that end up getting tracked everywhere. First impressions as I unpacked and organized all the pieces: The unit is definitely heavy, but that's largely because of all the thick metal parts. This is one of the aspects of the design that caused us to buy this model after spending some time with the display unit and inspecting how it is made. As an engineer, I always look closely at the choice of materials and the workmanship in the design. This elliptical has well-made components including large bearings, excellent welds, thick and stable materials and a nice finish. Assembly was a piece if cake. A large, heavy cake to be sure, but anyone with a little mechanical skill can assemble this thing with no problem. I spent maybe three hours, taking my time. All the major assemblies are already put together; the assembly process is just getting the parts put together that prohibit reasonable packaging: you simply mate the front assembly to the back assembly, install the main vertical structure and the control panel, put the handlebars in place, and then mount all the plastic covers. The instructions are clear, although the diagrams are a little small so 50+ year old eyes need plenty of light to see the small parts. The fasteners are all on a card, separated into the four primary assembly steps, which made finding the right fasteners very easy. There is also a great video on Sole's web site that walks you through each step... although I'll admit I didn't look at it until tonight when I logged on to register the unit for its warranty coverage. But, the video is just a nice extra because assembly is really pretty simple without it. We looked at a bunch of ellipticals before buying this one, and one of the things that became clear in that process is that assembly is a critical aspect for any of these things to help ensure they continue to operate squeekless for a long period of time. So I decided to use some Loctite on the frame bolts so as to hopefully never have to worry about things getting loose. Sole already thought about this, however, becayse all of the nuts provided have nylon inserts so they lock in place, and several of the bolts that thread into tapped holes in metal parts came with a thread lock coating already on them. Still, I added some of my own Loctite for good measure. It's also important to ensure fasteners are tightened properly. I found it interesting that Sole says your should tighten them "as tight as you can" rather than providing any torque specs. Folks who don't have a lot of experience tightening bolts can probably follow Sole's advice. And for those who have a good feel for how tight to crank various sizes of nuts and bolts, you won't have any problem as they are all sized well. The tools provided are okay, but I opted to supplement those with better quality box wrenches and sockets. Once assembled, I positioned the E35 in its designated location next to our Pacemaster treadmill. Given the length of this unit (about 7 feet), I decided to make some minor adjustments to the six adjustable feet to compensate for the basement floor over that distance. I found that by lifting upward (with a fair amount of force given the weight) on one side and then the other for a given support (front, center and rear), I could estimate whether the force was similar on either side. I adjusted three feet, locked them back in place (there's a lock nut), and the elliptical felt very solid and stable. I would NOT place an elliptical on a carpet, or use a mat/pad like is good practice for a treadmill to keep it from moving around. The six rubber feet under the E35 are very stable, and any additional cushion from a carpet or rubber mat will just make this very tall piece of equipment rock unnecessarily. Placing it directly on the floor, it's rock solid and doesn't move around. When I first powered it up, the display initialized, displayed the software version and then settled into the mode of waiting for the operator to make a workout selection. As soon as I hit the "Manual" button, the bedreaded "E3" error displayed! I had read other reviews about this -- indicating a problem with the incline ramp. A quick scan of the manual said nothing about errors, but it did mention that if you experience a problem with the incline function, try calibrating it. I did that, and a minutes later when that automated process completed, the E3 error was gone and all was well. After this experience, I thought I'd cruise through the "Engineering Mode" to see what else I could learn about the software. All of the functions were pretty easy to understand with the results as expected. Now satisfied that the thing was ready to rock, I strapped on the included heart monitor check strap and did a short workout. The machine operated extremely smoothly, solid, and in absolute silence! What a pleasure to use. The chest strap sensor seems to work very well... I checked my pulse manually at various heart rates to confirm what the display was telling me and it was on the money every time. I checked out the programmable "User 1" button (I left the "User 2" button for my wife), and set up my own interval training. Setting it up was a little tedious waiting for the display to tell me what was next, but now that I know what's coming, I found that you can just press ahead getting your settings (resistance level, incline, time plus age and weight) the way you want them. The "HR 1" and 2 modes are interesting in that they adjust the elliptical during a workout to make you work harder or less hard to try to maintain a specific heart rate. I only looked at one of them long enough to verify that this works. I'm not sure how useful this would be if you varied your peddling speed in the process, but we'll see when I get a chance to tinker with it. What's not to like? Well, 1) the fan is useless. I have a nice fan that I use when running on the treadmill that I'll just point at the elliptical when I'm using it and ignore the little one in the control panel. Also, 2) anything placed on the magazine/tablet/phone holder sits right on top of the display. I don't ever intend to try to read -- not sure I could -- when exercising, so I'll just stick with the TV that I have mounted on the wall to take my mind off of what I'm doing. And, 3) if I want to listen to music, I'll play it through the stereo in the gym rather than through the little speakers on the control console which are pretty much an afterthought. None of these "cons" is meaningful for me. Some elliptical fans will want internet connectivity, although I for one am thrilled to get away from the internet to get a little honest exercise. Others will want to pay a monthly fee to run through a video taken in some location on the planet, but that's not an included feature either. I think I can live without it. It would be nice to have workout details captured in an app to be able to see how things are going over time. I may end up wearing my blue tooth chest strap that is captured by my phone, but you only get heart rate, not resistance level, incline, pedal RPM, etc. This is a feature I would really like to have, and perhaps Sole will add this in the future. One key consideration for me is what kind of warranty the manufacturer provides and what type of customer service they have. Sole provides a 5 year parts warranty on the E35, including the electronics, which to me means they stand behind their product (compare this to one or two years, or in some cases even less). And while I haven't had to make use of it (yet?), the vast majority of feedback from others is that their customer service is very helpful and supportive. They provide a shorter 2 year warranty on labor, but I don't ever plan to have anyone else touch this thing. It's not a rocket science device, and replacing parts is pretty simple, so it was the 5 year parts deal that was meaningful to me. For the money, this is a very well-made elliptical that is a pleasure to use and highly recommended. I'll provide an update or two over time as well see how it holds up. January 14, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by My 5th Elliptical.... ...and quality wise, the SOLE exceeds all of my previous ones. I have owned the top lines from Pro Form, Nordic Track, and others in the $1,000 range. I have been disappointed with all of them because of the service work required or the extended warranty company saying they wont fix it anymore and they just send me a check (and I junk the unit)...this is why I have kept changing manufacturers, trying to find a good one that will last. I'm 190 pounds, so I'm not pushing any spec on any of the machines. The SOLE was high rated on several sites, and even though its on the high end of home machine prices, I decided to go for it. It was easy to install, taking your time to do it, it takes just a few hours, and the instructions are easy to follow. This machine is nearly silent. Not even the gym machines are this smooth. Yes, it is new, and a year from now may be a different story, but for now it is second to no other machine I have owned. The handle bar configuration is a plus because you have more hand positions while working out vs. the typical bar that you can only grip a few ways. The price at Dick's is actually better than Amazon because you get points towards your account and a $40 credit card balance to use in the store. The actual price is the same, but after the $40 card you end up ahead with Dick's. I can already tell the build quality is better than any previous elliptical I have owned, only time will tell about the durability of the machine. Out of all the previous machines that I have owned, this is by far the best that I have had, but it is $200 more than my $1000 machines I have had in the past. July 19, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by So far, NOT GOOD SOLE. 4 weeks later and still have not used elliptical Have had the elliptical set up for about 4 weeks. I can not give a review of the elliptical however, since we have been waiting 4 weeks for parts and a tech to come and work on it. I can deal with the elliptical not working out of the box, it can happen. Still waiting to be able to use it over 4 weeks later and no plan for a tech to show up yet is just plain bad business. Very unimpressed with SOLE's ability to follow up on our problem and follow through with making sure that as a customer I am being taken care of. March 1, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Solid Product I assembled it in a couple hours thanks to a you tube video & I am very pleased with how it performs. My wife can't believe how quiet it is. January 23, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very good Elliptical This is a very good machine. It is well built, sturdy and ergonomically fitting. It doesn't offer a very high difficulty level, however. I would like for it to have a really hard level so that I can limit my workout to 30 minutes. I run it at the highest incline and highest resistance level (both 15) but it is still fairly simple, thus I have to increase the length of time I use it as that is the only other option to get a decent workout since I am "peddling" as fast as I can. I still recommend this machine. It offers everything the higher-priced E95 offers, except the larger screen but is hundreds of dollars cheaper. January 22, 2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Elliptical Very happy with this purchase. Easy to set up, but the schematics in the directions are a bit hard to see/read. Even with the schematics issue, I was able to set it up injust over an hour. The box weighs 283lbs, so make sure you have someone help you bring it into your house. You do not want to carry it into the house piece by piece as the flywheel piece is heavy and unwieldy. Having had multiple surgeries on my knees, I am happy to report that after using this system the only soreness I have felt is from muscles being worked, not from pounding of the knees from running on a treadmill or hard surface. This machine has a nice stride and is extremely quiet. It has a good range of preset workouts. Setting up "User" defined workout is very intuitive and easy. Based on the design of the back rollers, I would be cautious of small children being around it as they could easily get their feet or hands rolled over. Only issue I have with it so far is with the fan: works, but air blows to the right side instead of forward. It took a little over two weeks to arrive (California to Florida) using the free shipping option. February 10, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good Elliptical After reading a lot of reviews and visiting a fitness store I decided to buy the Sole E35 since It was rated a best buy on several sites. I picked it up at the store and got it setup in a few hours. This is defiantly a step up from my Golds Gym Elliptical. I had an E2 motor error and Sole shipped the parts in a few days then sent a tech to replace the motor. I would recommend this machine since it is very sturdy and gives you a good workout. The support was very good the tech came out the day I got the parts and repaired it. November 21, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by GREAT elliptical We love this elliptical! We got it about 3 weeks ago. We paid the extra $60 for set up. Totally worth it. The only down side was the delivery was delayed due to a truck breaking down, then the day of delivery they were ~6 hours late. I wouldn't guess that was normal. But everyone always posted how they had squeaks, questions, and hours to put it together. One tech had it set up and was done within in two hours alone. No squeaks and he spent way more time showing the details on it than the store did. I went in with the plan of getting the E25 - but took a step over to try the 35. It was well worth the extra $200. It is a longer glide versus a vertical clime of the 25, so much more comfortable on my knees. My husband who was not interested at all is using it at least 3x/week. And getting a great work out. It's super quiet. The heart rate works great too! October 12, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great machine Bought the other day and decided to assemble myself. Instructions were terrible! You would think that if you are spending over $1,000 on something that you would get decent instructions. Poorly narrated paragraphs with 2 total pictures should not be considered instructions. Other than that, this is the best home elliptical I've ever used (had 2 other brands over the last 10 years). Super solid quality and smooth action. Don't forget to lube the rails somewhat regularly as it eliminates any squeaks and keeps your workouts smooth. August 13, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by This Elliptical Exerciser has a very smooth natural stride. The most important thing that I look for in an Elliptical is the fluid, natural motion of the foot pedals. This machine has the perfect horizontal stride. Most other Ellipticals have a vertical elliptical stride with sharp peaks that makes the motion feel egg-shaped instead of natural. The quality of the machines also seems to be professional. August 15, 2014
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