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Product Information:

Get on your way to a healthier, happier lifestyle with the Garmin® vivofit®. This fitness band tracks your progress 24/7 and can go without a charge for more than a year. The easy-to-read display keeps you on top of your fitness statistics by showing steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. For a personalized feel, the Garmin® vivofit® fitness band learns your activity level and assigns a daily activity goal.

  • Easy-to-read display on vivofit shows steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and time of day
  • vivofit® learns your activity level and assigns daily activity goal, adjusting as you become healthier
  • One-touch button lets you wirelessly sync to Garmin® Connect™ free online fitness community
  • Red bar displays on the Garmin® vivofit® after an hour of inactivity
  • Records calories burned throughout the day, including base metabolic rate
  • This Garmin® fitness band is water resistant, letting you run or train in all conditions
  • Garmin® vivofit® tracks your progress 24/7 and can stay on for more than a year without needing re-charged
  • vivofit® lets you sync to Garmin® Connect™ to see calorie-burning trends and track progress
  • Join Garmin® Connect™ and set challenges and compete against your friends and earn virtual badges
  • Garmin® Connect™ also displays your total sleep hours and periods of restful sleep and movement
  • Inculded: vivofit® with large and small band, USB ANT™ stick, Manual


  • Unit Dimensions: 21mm x 10.5mm
  • Weight: 25.5 g
  • Battery: Two replaceable CR 1632 coin cells
  • Battery Life: More than 1 year
  • Water resistant: Up to 50M
  • History: Stores more than 1 month of 24/7 activity data
  • Wireless Sync: Yes
  • Garmin® Connect™ compatible: Yes
  • Style: 010-01225-00, 010-01225-02, 010-01225-03, 010-01225-04, 010-01225-05
  • Garmin
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Web ID: 33398636

Customer Reviews:

Rated 3.8 out of 5 by 101 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Tracker - Mediocre App I researched fitness trackers for about a month before deciding on this Garmin. I've been wearing it everyday for nearly 7 months. For about a week, I even wore a Misfit on one arm and my Garmin on the other to compare the two. Here are my thoughts, and the reason that I just bought 5 of our kids this tracker as well: ACCURACY: It is exceptionally accurate. I run with my Garmin GPS and have compared countless miles...the Vivofit is always very close to the GPS mileage. Does it count your steps when you're pushing a shopping cart? Of course not. It's not a GPS, it tracks if your wrist is motionless, it isn't going to track your steps. If I get crazy clapping and cheering at a game, it counts it as steps too. However, I don't expect this to magically gauge my every move. It has given me a long term view of the trend of my activity. When I want to track every tenth of a mile, I simply wear my GPS. For reference, this tracker is FAR more accurate than the Misfit Flash...I would be 4,000 steps short every day with the Flash and that is simply not helpful data. EASE OF USE: I've never synced with the ANT stick on my MacBook. I sync with my phone and iPad and it's easy-peasy. I'm not sure why some reviewers were having issues when their computer wouldn't sync because it works equally well with phone and iPad. The display on the band is the main reason I am sold on this tracker for my kids. They have no reason to have to check their phones, iPods, etc. because all the information they need is on their arm. MOTIVATION: The red line that appears when you are inactive is a HUGE motivator. The second my 5 year old (who is going to be sad that she's not getting one of these for Christmas) sees my red line appear, we are up and walking. She won't let us sit again until that line is gone. My video-game loving, basement dweller son will make us all wait to leave the track until he hits 2 miles at the track, when I strap this on his arm. BATTERY: No charging. No cords. Why can't everything in life be that simple? BAND: Comfy. Colorful. Stays put now that Garmin has a little clasp thing that secures the whole works together. SLEEP: Tracks my sleep, yet I'm not sure what that data is useful for...other than letting me know I need to go to bed earlier and I shouldn't get up so early. That being said, I LOVE to see the sleep graph every morning to see how soundly I slept. I used to put it to sleep every night and wake the tracker in the morning. Now, I simply sync in the morning and just put my sleep and wake times in manually. Either way works just fine. APP: Oh Garmin, how you've disappointed us with your app. Before buying this I downloaded the apps for Jawbone, Nike, Fitbit and Misfit. They are colorful and flashy...Garmin's is blue and blah. Yes, is gives me all the data I need to know, but it is not zippy or fun. Luckily the pros of the device make up for the cons of the blah app. I like that all of my data from my GPS are visible with my step data, and it is fun to connect with other friends that have Garmin's as well. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this tracker. I've been very happy with mine and our kids are going to be ecstatic when they open theirs this Christmas. (If you're wondering what age kids are getting them, they are 21 down to age 10.) December 16, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Best fitness band I've had! I'm going to start by saying I owned and used the fitbit flex for more than a year. Though the fitbit caused lasting discoloration on my wrist I became very dependent on it. I added velcro to the bottom to prevent the rash and subsequent discoloration. Yet I was still very annoyed with just seeing blinking dots... I wanted NUMBERS, raw data. Finally my fitbit simply stopped working and that lead to the search for a new fitness band. After much research, youtube vid reviews, industry reviews, and customer reviews I settled on the vivofit. I've owned it for only 5 days now but there are things I've noticed that are huge upgrades to the fitbit flex. First, I haven't take the vivofit off since the day I bought it and it has not irritated my skin at all. That's huge! Second, no charging. It was irritating to have to have to take off the fitbit to charge it. In fact removing the actual tracker from the band of the fitbit wears out the band and cause the first few bands to break. With the vivofit there is no charging due to it's use of watch batteries. Third, having access to actual numbers... how many steps, how many miles, how many calories. You can set the vivofit on the data of your choice and keep it there. It also includes time and date. You can also remove any of the date you don't want your vivofit band to include. Lastly it's fully submersible, I can wear it in my pool! The cons: Nothing is perfect so... I really wish it would synch automatically. You have to press and hold the button to synch it. I've also noticed that sometimes I have to synch more than once to get all the info loaded to view on my laptop. It might be a lack of patience on my part, but if it would synch automatically I may not have to wait as long. Bottom line, best fitness band I've had! August 3, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great but has a set back After countless hours of research on many different fitness trackers, I found the right one. The Vivofit is waterproof enough to shower and go swimming in it; it shows the time, date, steps taken, steps still need to take to make it to goal, the miles traveled, and calories burned both passive and active. Although the screen isn't backlit, who looks at their activity tracker that much while in bed at night? The battery lasts around a year (it's a watch battery) so I'm interested to see how it will warn me when the battery is low. The bracelets are interchangeable so you never have to stick with just one color band. There's also a little keeper on the bracelet to keep the band from popping off your wrist (apparently it can happen although I can't see it doing that because the closure is very strong). It doesn't vibrate or make any sort of noise so if you don't want your tracker yelling at you, this is the one for you. It just silently puts the red bar on top of your screen just saying "hey if you wanna move, this is the time to do so". It also doesn't track flights of stairs if you ever want to track that. Everything works pretty well except the steps so far aren't very accurate. As soon as I take it off sleep mode, I already have 70 or so steps. Then I take a shower and do my hair and I've apparently walked about a half mile. Without taking more than 100 actual steps. Maybe they'll come up with a way to somehow reset it so I can just cancel out all of the morning activities without having to take the whole tracker off. Overall though, that seems to be my only quip. But on the app, they let you set your actual stride length so if the steps are off, at least the mileage will be a tad more accurate. We'll see. This is only my opinion after 3 days. November 9, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by A letdown from the get go... I've researched fitness bands for weeks; taking into account reviews from multiple sources and weighed my pros and cons upon that for purchase time. Obviously my decision landed on the vivofit. I was pretty excited to finally get a fitness band since I figure it would help me stay on track during my busy lifestyle of 2 jobs plus school-- I hardly have time to do anything anymore and I used to be much more active before I took on that second job and school, but I did not want my fitness to suffer for my lack of time! I needed a device that would be accurate so I could apply myself (and plan) in my fitness journey appropriately. Before my purchase, I've read through a vast majority of reviews on Dick's website; the best and the worst, and I kept in mind those reviews for when I tried it out for myself. Unfortunately, the product was a major let down... and I understand what a lot of the lower reviews were talking about. The whole reason I got the thing was to count my steps throughout the day, which would then calculate into the other functions of the device such as calorie count and goal-setting, as well as encourage me to push harder. However, the step counter is SO far off, it's ridiculous! I walked across my house, while counting my steps out loud, and counted to 20 steps. According to my vivofit, I walked 124 steps after it's been resting at 0 for about a minute straight. Then, I changed into my exercise garb, and it counted 312 steps. Not possible. I walked back 20 steps to my room, plus a couple extra to get my clothes and then changed into them... 312 steps, vivofit? Really? I'm getting my money back. November 6, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by A solid product, but still needs improvement I was a very happy Fitbit Force user that became one of the 1% that developed a nasty rash due to whatever was in the steel used for the display. Despite giving me a rash that has scarred my left wrist, I did love the Force. It autosynced with all of my devices, I could set a variety of goals, from steps to calories, and the pedometer was always spot-on with my steps. But I am an avid cyclist and runner, and already own a Garmin 910XT. This made me purchase the Garmin vivofit, so that way all of my data would be in one place. While the vivofit does a lot of the same things as the Force, there are some significant differences. Here's the breakdown: 1) There is no backlight on the vivofit, so it's on all the time. I like this, because it means the battery lasts longer and no charging every week like I had to do with my Force. 2) The sync is a bit spotty; I could never get my vivofit to sync with my computer using the included ANT stick. It syncs with my phone (iPhone 4S) about 90% of the time. You must also push the button on the vivofit to get it to sync (the Force automatically synced with your devices, which I wish the vivofit did). 3) My Garmin 910XT and vivofit won't sync using the same ANT stick on my computer. I thought it was ridiculous that I had to turn off the old ANT agent to get the vivofit ANT stick to work. Really, Garmin, you can't put out one stick that works with both? 4) While I wanted all of my data in one spot, it turns out that the new Garmin Connect for vivofit users is pretty much a broken mess. While it displays your data nicely and shows my Garmin 910XT activities, I can't get reports or upload data manually like I did in the older version. It also won't allow me to add my 910XT to my list of devices; I'm assuming that functionality will be added later - but it really should have been rolled out with the new Garmin Connect. Garmin should have known that people would have multiple devices they would like to see on their Connect site. 5) The sleep tracking function works well. Like the Force, you have to tell it that you're going to sleep and stop it when you wake up, but the tracking, I have found, is pretty accurate. You can even edit the times you were asleep if you're like me and fall asleep in a comfy chair in front of the TV first and then head yup to bed later, not setting the sleep function until you're actually in a physical bed. 6) The pedometer seems off. It takes a while to get going once you actually start walking. 7) I don't like that you can't set a calorie goal and you can't input the food you eat like I could with the Force. Weight loss is 90% what you eat, so I liked setting a calorie goal and then comparing that with what I ate to make sure I was getting the correct calorie deficit. This is what I consider the vivofit's greatest weakness - is that it only tracks activity and sleep but doesn't really have the proper functions to actually help people lose weight. Overall, I am satisfied with the vivofit, but wish it would add some of the features of the Force to make it truly useful to people needing to lose weight. March 29, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Does everything I want except stay on my wrist I've had my vino fit about 10 day and am very happy with almost every aspect of it. I like not having to wear it and a watch, not having to worry about charging it, and I am happy with its relative accuracy. I have not had any problems with it counting steps for eating popcorn on the couch, etc. I wish the website and ios app were more robust, and it have found very little use for the sleep tracking function. What I love is that for some reason when you strap the thing on your wrist you immediately become more aware of your activity level. Unfortunately, it doesn't always stay on my wrist. It seems very secure but if I brush up against something just right, like pulling a golf club from a crowded bag, or rummaging around a file drawer, it has popped off. I'm afraid it won't be long before I lose it. July 2, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by I love this thing! I've had my Garmin Vivofit for a little over a week, and I'm very glad I picked out this particular fitness band. I first bought a Polar Loop, but a couple of problems with that was the band was formed into an uncomfortable shape and also the device worked sometimes, but other times just wouldn't display. Also I seems like I was having to charge it pretty often. So I returned that Loop. The Vivofit was a little more expensive and well worth it. It always works perfectly. The band is softer and adjustable and you hardly even know it's there. Very easy to sync. It's great not to have to worry about charging. I love the feature that tells me when I've been sitting too long. The display is very easy to read. But speaking of the display, the only thing I wish was different is that if it were backlit, it could be read in the dark. I love the sleep feature. April 3, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Provides information at a glance. Compared to other fitness bands, the Garmin Vivofit allows me to see my daily progress at the push of a button any time of day and it functions as a watch as well. It stores daily statistics that can be downloaded to the computer at my convenience and allows me to see how my activity trends. July 29, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not worth the price! I am on my forth day of wearing the Vivo and I am very disappointed. I researched acivity trackers for weeks before deciding on the Vivo and was so excited to get it. However, I quickly changed my mind after the first day of wearing it. I love that you don't have to charge it, but I don't love that you have to hold the button down every time you want it to sync to your phone. Also, at bedtime you have to remember to hold the button down to put it into sleep mode and it only tracked my sleep 1 out of 4 nights. It is also very inaccurate on steps. I have been wearing my old timey pedometer to compare steps and it is always 1,000 steps or more different from the pedometer. The vivo gave me 70 steps just for changing my shirt. 100 steps for making coffee. 10 steps just for sitting on the couch. If you are holding something while walking it will not count your steps. For example I carry charts most of the day so it didn't count most of my steps. It shows a red bar when you are inactive for a period of time and the bar is suppose to go away when you walk around and it does not. Once the red bar appears it stays no matter what you do until the next day. I will be returning this product and sticking to my $10 pedometer. July 1, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by It's Everything I Hoped It Would BE I've had my Vivofit for about 4 weeks now. My primary reason for purchase was to be able to track calories burned as accurately as possible. I bought the one with the HRM which I use only when I exercise. I also use Myfitnesspal to track calories consumed. I have found the Vivofit to be one of the most accurate measurements of my daily calorie burn. Now I know calories in and calories out, which helps me really adjust my intake and workout schedule. I spent weeks researching different ones. I used the Bodybugg which was WAY off from any reasonable daily calorie burn PLUS you have to pay for a subscription to their website It's been a great product and I definitely recommend. November 28, 2014
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