Future Beach Trophy 126 Kayak

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Future Beach Trophy 126 Kayak - Dick's Sporting Goods
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  • 10 FT. 6 IN.
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Product Information:

The Future Beach« Trophy 126 Kayak delivers a smooth ride for recreation, fishing or relaxing on the open waters. From the roto-molded dihedral hull to the adjustable, cushioned seat back, this kayak provides optimal stability without sacrificing comfort while you paddle. This kayak also features two flush mount rod holders and a built-in tackle box with front and rear carry handles, making it easy to carry and angler-friendly!

  • Dimensions: 10'6'' x 29.5'' x 12''
  • Cockpit dimensions: 18.5'' x 37''
  • Carry weight: 53 lbs
  • Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Roto-molded dihedral hull for stability and tracking
  • Two flush mount rod holders
  • Built-ion tackle box
  • Adjustable seat back and seat cushion
  • Double 10" x 18" elliptical storage hatches with rubber covers
  • Front and rear bungees
  • Step Lock adjustable foot rest system
  • Front and rear carry handles
  • Molded in cup holder
  • Integrated drain plugs
  • 10'6" deluxe sit-in fishing kayak
  • Manufacturer's 2-year hull and 1-year accessories warranty
  • Future Beach

For additional information relating to the Manufacturer's Warranty, please contact 1-800-671-6035.
Country of Origin: United States
Web ID: 4002650

Customer Reviews:

Rated 4.4 out of 5áby 168 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5áby Awesome fishing 'yak I purchased this kayak during the annual boat sale after taking a four year hiatus from paddling due to balancing my busy school schedule and work, following service and a deployment overseas. Prior to this, I was a summer camp kayaking instructor, and paddled a 10' Potomac and a 9.5' Perception Sport Swifty. Having always fished out of my kayaks anyway, I figured I might as well purchase a boat dedicated to the purpose. After careful deliberation (and deciding that the F&S Eagle Run was sadly not in my budget *tear*), I decided on the Trophy 126. This kayak is worth every penny, and delivers solid performance and quality at a reasonable price. Everything is built to last, and nothing feels "cheap". ------------------------------------------------ It tracks VERY straight with high angle paddling (my personal preference most of the time), and is only slightly nosey when paddling at low angle. ------------------------------------------------ It IS slower than a kayak with a traditional hull, but that can be expected with the dihedral design and it's two hard chines. The trade off between speed and stability (especially for a fishing craft) was worth it for me. I can honestly say I've tried to flip this kayak just to see if it was possible, and short of shifting serious weight or standing up in the boat (which I don't recommend, personally) you will have a very hard time turning her over. I have gotten the gunwale (edge of the cockpit) to within a couple inches of the water without feeling like it was going to tip. In fact, I could even feel the boat almost RESISTING my efforts to try and cap her.. pretty cool. ------------------------------------------------ This kayak also provides a TON of flat as well as angled surface to modify/add accessories. Some of mine include: ------------------------------------------------ -Two soft mounted rod leashes -GPS hard mount -iPod speakers (not hard mounted, but attached) -Front tie-off strap -Front hard mounted fishing rod turret -Spray foam/caulk to form a SEALED rear bulkhead -Front flotation block in case of swamping -Anchor trolley system (on it's way, not yet mounted) **NOTE: The pirate fish did NOT come painted on the boat. It was added personally, as I have had it painted on ALL my kayaks! ------------------------------------------------ As for the seat, many reviews state the seat becomes uncomfortable after lengthy trips, but I really haven't noticed. After four hours of fishing at a 250 acre local lake, I felt fine. Maybe my bottom end is a bit more tolerating than others, but it wasn't that bad. No lower back pain, either (I have the seat all the way back, with just enough support to stay 1/2 an inch from hitting the bulkhead). ------------------------------------------------ I would definitely recommend at least a 230cm paddle, as the boat is pretty wide, and low-angle paddlers could have some difficulty with hitting the sides of the boat and not getting enough "bite" out of the paddles. If you ONLY use high-angle paddling, paddle length doesn't really become an issue. Also, if you can spare it, spend the extra bucks on a fiberglass paddle. Your arms will thank you after four hours on the water! ------------------------------------------------ Some interesting things I noticed: -My friend has the same exact 'yak, but his lacks the dashboard in the forward cockpit with the tackle storage. His was purchased no more than three months prior to mine, but mine seems to have come with the added dashboard, tackle storage, and two pockets up front. -My rear bulkhead is NOT sealed, despite what the company's website and others say, but some spray foam and caulk fixed that, and now it's just as dry as if it were an integral bulkhead. ------------------------------------------------ -Overall, I would rate this kayak a 4.5, but I gave it 5 stars because it's definitely earned more than four, if only the rear bulkhead were sealed and it had standard flotation blocks in case of swamping. I have been out in local lakes (up to 1,200 acres), creeks, and even the Delaware river and this 'yak has performed admirably, and has always kept me within my comfort limits. It's toughness is a testament to it's roto-molded construction as I have been over/on rocks, dragged it across sunken stumps, and even had it fall off of my truck (7 foot tall GMC Yukon) when I slipped off a wet bumper with only minor superficial damage, scratches, dings, etc. ------------------------------------------------ Definitely recommended! June 18, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5áby Exceeded my expectations I purchased the Future Beach Trophy 126 on the advice of Jim who works at Dick's Sporting Goods who took the time to show me a few kayaks and give me some good advice. I'm a big guy and was concerned that I'd need at 12 foot kayak to handle my weight. Turns out, I did not. This kayak handles me and my gear perfectly. I've had the kayak out 4 times and so far, it's been great. It's stable and it handles well. It's not the fastest kayak but that's not to say it's slow and it will get you to where you want to fish. This last time, I had my son with me in the kayak (he wanted to take a ride) and we were near 30 lbs over the weight limit and the kayak didn't sink (didn't come close) and was maneuverable. I was even able to fish from it while my son sat between my legs and watched. My advice is to go to the store and sit in the kayak and see if it will be for you. That will answer a lot of your questions. August 29, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Good kayak from a trusted company First of all, I like the kayak. It's not the fastest thing in the world, but it's really stable and is maneuverable enough to take down a river with some light rapids. It tracks pretty well and is relatively comfortable (at least for a couple of hours). The bulkhead storage in the back is great, but some seemed to be better sealed than others. I don't think they advertise it to be water-tight or even have a bulkhead, but there is one in mine and it is 98% sealed off. With a little additional marine sealant, I'd feel pretty comfortable that water won't be getting in. Second, I now love the manufacturer. There are companies that will go above and beyond to be accountable for their product and Future Beach has added themselves to my list of such companies. When I first sat in the kayak and tried to tighten the seat strap, the plastic buckle broke. A quick message on the Future Beach warranty web page and they sent out a new seat back (which comes with the plastic buckles) along with 2 additional replacement buckles that were stronger (made of metal). To me, it was their way of saying, "sorry, but at least you won't have that problem ever again!" Will buy Future Beach again. My next purchase will probably be a kayak that is a little faster, as I rarely use this one for fishing (though I wanted to be able to). For the price at Dicks, and with the amenities (bulkhead storage, rod holders, etc), it's really hard to beat this kayak and that's why I bought it. September 20, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5áby Do It! I bought this Kayak over 4 years ago and it has held up awesomely through many adventures! I got it after returning an inflatable kayak and have no complaints! Everything that is described is true. I think some of the negative reviews were flukes and those should've returned/exchanged for another. To put it in to perspective. A week after I got this kayak it flew off the top of my car after the "cinch" style strap (included with the Yakima car kayak mount kit $30 DONT BUY) gave way. I was doing highway speeds and the only things damaged were one of the bungee eyelets across the bow broke and a drain plug was ripped out. Both easily and cheaply replaced. Besides a few asphalt gashes she came out on top with no holes or cracks! A few months later we were down in Port A when I decided to go out of a bay while the tide was coming in.....not such a great idea....I took a 15 foot breaker over the bow and she was filled to the brim! Surprisingly enough she stayed partially afloat and we stayed together. We were caught up in a rift for a while but a guardian surfer came and pulled us out. She still floats and everything like the first day I got her. My only gripes(after doing more fishing) are, I think the seat could be a little more cush and the back could be higher, I also think there should be specific areas/channels for accessories (mainly lights/wires). Anarea to mount a small Fishfinder would be awesome! On the top would be ok but would probably make it awkward and get in the way or possibly at risk. This is a "Fishing Kayak"....and if you live in Texas you know that the days are for fun and the nights are for fishin' so lights are pretty important! I know that lights are not required for kayaks but I'm all about safety and being seen. This boat is a keeper and will do you well! Cheers! June 27, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5áby Try it out! If you are like me, you have been doing your research on kayaks. Due to the fact that 'once they hit the water, its yours' return policy, you want to make the right decision the first time. Well I was back and forth several times between a few kayaks and kept going back to this one. The price is amazing for one, also, its attractive and the other reviews I have read are positive! Although this is my very first kayak, I have to say I'm very pleased! It is very stable and tracks great! I got it going pretty quick too. I have only been out in it once so far, let me tell you it was a lot of fun. It will be especially great for camping. It seems like it will hold a lot of gear. I am a bit on the shorter side, so there is a lot of leg room for me. Getting in and out was a breeze. The seat is not as uncomfortable as some say, but keep in mind that everyone is built differently! And also I was only in it for 2 hours tops. One thing I am confused about, is the weight capacity. Online @ dicks, it says 250 lbs. The fact tag at dicks said 275, and the Pamphlet from Future Beach says 300 lbs. Anybody know the exact or correct answer for this? Overall, I am very pleased and excited about this kayak. It fits great in my 6 foot bed with a couple of tie-downs and bungee cords. It hangs out the side with my tailgate shut (I drove by several cops and none even looked twice) the nice guys at Dicks Sporting Goods helped me load it and assured me that the way it was loaded was legal. If you are on the fence about the kayak, go ahead and hop over to my side! August 1, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5áby Very durable. I purchased two of these a couple of years ago. I chose the orange option from the advise of the salesman being that it was easier to see from a far distance, very very glad I did as now my kids take them out on their own. They are a little on the heavier side for their size but no problem for my teenage girls. Extremely stable, have had them in the rough waves on lake Erie with no problems. My mother had her hip replaced at the age of 73 and wanted to try them, a little apprehensive at first but became very comfortable after just a few minutes.Very durable as far as being dragged up to shore and over rocks etc. These are a great kayak for the money, I don't think anyone could complain.I have tried some of my friends out,maybe theirs are faster, definitely more expensive, but I prefer mine for comfort and stability. The only complaint I do have was that one adjustable foot rest broke, at the weakest part, one on each kayak, obviously a poor design. My kids had them at the time so I dont know how easy or difficult it was to break, same place in each. I fixed it with an aluminum bracket. No problems since. Thats why the four stars instead of five. Wait till spring to buy them on sale and you wont be disappointed . I will have these for years to come. Money well spent. February 8, 2015
Rated 5 out of 5áby Awesome First Yak I bought this Kayak during the first month of summer and have only been able to take it out twice so far. This is an amazingly stable yak that tracks very well and floats very easily with my 6' 230lbs frame. I haven't fully loaded it down with gear as I'm just getting back into fishing and specifically kayak fishing but I can tell you this, I had the misfortune to on my first time out on it be swept across a submerged tree. I thought I was going in the river for sure but the yak was more than a match for it. I came out shaken but not wet and even my floating buddy had to admit it was one stable beast. I can't recommend this enough for those of us who enjoy sit in kayaks. July 30, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5áby Awesome Kayaks! Bought two of these 1 year ago. Have used the heck out of them and can say they are some of the best investments I have ever made. While they are not $2000 fiberglass sea kayaks, they do work great at your local lakes and especially work well for fishing. Added a few extra accessories to mine to make fishing more comfortable (and the wife happy, hence the pink), but overall they are of great quality. Seat can get a little uncomfortable after a few hours on the lake, but a small pad or upgrade of the seat fixes that issue. Plenty of storage in the compartments, however your need to order the bulkhead if you want a sealed compartment because Future Beach apparently stopped selling the bulkhead (with) these items. It Is considered an extra accessory. Dicks offers a great price on these Kayaks and are a great buy to anyone looking at doing some kayaking or fishing! June 28, 2013
Rated 1 out of 5áby Decent boat - Poor customer service The kayak is very stable. I can stand up in it. Decent room. Good fishing platform. Very slow but that comes with the stability. The seat will last about 5 trips before starting to fray at the seems. Not a concern with me because I planned on replacing it anyway. But, 3 weeks agao the right foot peg broke. I contacted Future Beach through their website to see about getting another. No Response. I contacted them again and offered to pay even though it was still under warranty. Again, no reponse. I tried to buy a 3rd party sset of pegs but no one makes them to fit Future Beach. I tried calling contact number and was referred to the website. Another e-mail and still no response. Future Beach is a brand I will not buy again. If you have a problem, you can forget any help from them. No customer service at all. July 9, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5áby Would buy again We had been taking about getting kayaks for 2 years, then after we got married, decided we would purchase them with the money received from our wedding gifts. We had talked to the same sales associate the previous 2 years, and then made sure we were able to talk to her again, and make the purchase from her. We were told from one associate, "she is not a kayak-er...she watched the same video as I did" but to my husband and me, her knowledge was more than just watching a video. She answered our questions, made sure we had everything we needed, and even gave us extra info and guidance on the kayaks. The Trophy 126 is stable, I feel safe in it...I can even rock from side to side without feeling like it is going to roll or tip. My husband and I got matching ones, but mine will be decked out in pink. We are planning on fishing with them eventually. My husband took our oldest son (15) and went out on the river, they had a blast, and know he wants one also. Absolutely love it...we went out Sunday, Monday, and I wanted to go tonight, but we didn't get to...this is a very addicting sport/pastime, and I just want to be able to have all my housework done so we can be out on the water.... August 6, 2013
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