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Sport Breakthrough 2XU Compression Apparel

Amplify every workout. Compression apparel gives you the edge you need to perform at your best.

And 2XU® compression gear is designed to optimize your workout. Premium technical fabrics and an ergonomic design ensure you move better as you condition. Outfit from head to toe with 2XU®, including 2XU® compression socks, 2XU® compression sleeves and 2XU® compression tops.

Compression technology works to boost blood circulation and reinforce your body as you train. Explore 2XU® gear, including 2XU® men’s apparel and 2XU® women’s apparel.

Expert Advice

Stretch, sprint and strengthen in 2XU® compression apparel.

Compression’s graduated fit increases blood circulation to cut down on post-workout soreness. And an accelerated blood flow delivers more oxygen to your core muscles, promoting power and endurance to go the extra distance.

Athletic compression technology is engineered to deliver up the precise level of surface pressure to your body to eliminate lactic acid build-up and other wastes.

Wear your 2XU® compression gear alone or as a baselayer when training in cold weather. Get compression support in the exact place you need it with compression sleeves for your arm or leg. And compression socks are a great way to provide added arch support for comfort.

2XU® compression apparel is designed with moisture-wicking technology, which lifts perspiration from your skin to the surface of your garment—keeping you cool, dry and focused. And flatlock seams prevent uncomfortable bunching and chafing as you move.

Compression is a great way to combat the cold. Sport compression tights or tops beneath your uniform or running jacket to regulate core body temperature on the go.