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Built for Every Mile: adidas® Running Shoes

Make every mile count with adidas® running shoes.

adidas® running shoes are designed for the precise amount of support and traction you need to energize your run. Innovative technical features are packed into each pair of adidas® running shoes-find the features that help you make the most of your training.

Choose from light and regular shoe weights for the level of support and under-foot traction you need. Look for state-of-the-art features on adidas® footwear, like TPU blades along outsoles for boosted launch in your gait. Welded uppers ensure foot irritation never holds you back again. The brand's proprietary ADIWEAR outsole delivers durability for long-lasting wear.

Pick up a new pair of adidas® running shoes for men, women and kids in a variety of constructions, styles and hues that inspire your run.

Expert Advice

adidas® running shoes support your gait mechanics. Pronation is the foot's natural inward roll following heel strike. Natural pronation helps absorb shock, providing relief for knees and joints.

Overpronation is an exaggerated form of the foot's natural inward roll. Overpronators often look to stability shoes to provide added support.

Select between neutral and stability adidas® running shoes:

  • adidas® stability shoes are recommended for runners who are mild overpronators with low to normal arches. Runners who have overpronation should look for a shoe that delivers the right blend of support and responsive midsole cushioning
  • adidas® neutral shoes are recommended for runners who need midsole cushioning yet minimum medial support. Consider neutral shoes if you have minimum pronation and high to normal arches

It's the details that count on your adidas® running shoe. adidas® running shoes are available with a variety of traction systems and levels of underfoot support. Consider the construction of your adidas® footwear:

  • Insole is the part of the shoe that the runner's foot rests on, supplementing the shoe's midsole to provide comfort and arch support
  • Midsole provides cushioning and evenly disperses pressure on the foot
  • Outsole is the bottom layer of the shoe that contacts the ground