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Loud & Lightweight: Beats Mixr Headphones from Beats by Dre®

Engineered for DJs—and ready for you. Beats Mixr headphones deliver sharp, clear sound anywhere you are.

Beats by Dre® Beats Mixr headphones are designed to produce extraordinary sound DJs need to perform. Expect deep bass tones and high-volume capabilities, so you can hear your music over just about anything.

Beats Mixr headphones are built for ultra-durability, with a flexible, tough design that feels comfortable during wear. Rotating ear cups swivel behind the ears and rotate back for remarkable sound isolation. Use the dual input and daisy chain connectors to share your tunes with others.

Incredible sound. Fresh style. Get ramped up for the game with Beats by Dre® Beats Mixr headphones. Looking for more? Shop the full collection of Beats by Dre® gear.