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Berkley Gulp! Soft Baits

Learn More About Berkley Gulp! Soft Baits


Have an Epic Day on the Water with Gulp! Scented Baits

Bring home a record catch with Berkley® Gulp! bait from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Gulp! soft baits are made from high tech materials and are as effective and much longer lasting than traditional live bait. Engineered to disperse scent over a large area, these lifelike soft baits move in the water like the real thing. Choose from a variety of scented options, including sandworm, minnow, shrimp, trout worm, crab and mullet designs. In addition to crankbaiting and bottom fishing, these versatile baits are also great for jigging and trolling.

Attract more fish with Gulp! Nibbles. These scented bites are incredible on a rig or single hook. Give yourself every advantage, whether you're fishing in the ocean, lake, river, inlet or pond. Spare yourself the mess and hassle of live bait with realistic soft bait from Berkley®.

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Expert Advice

Maximize Your Catch

Great bait needs to attract fish and then cause them to strike. Berkley Gulp! baits do just that and are durable and reusable. Once you have a collection of these soft baits, keep them soaking in their storage juices while they're not in use. This will keep them from drying out and loosing their fish attracting power.

In addition to using top quality bait, here are some other tips to increase your chances of landing that trophy catch:

  1. Be mindful of the tide when surfcasting or fishing near the mouth of a river or estuary. Fishing around high tide (especially if it's near dawn or dusk) is usually best.
  2. Cast near depth changes. You can usually tell where it gets deeper by the way the ripples on top of the water change.
  3. Talk shop with other anglers. Some may be tight-lipped, but shared wisdom is priceless.

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