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Berkley Powerbait

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Attract a Range of Fish with Berkley® PowerBait®

Increase your catch with Powerbait® from this large selection at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Browse brilliantly designed soft baits that use the power of scent and taste to entice fish to strike. Perfect for a wide variety of fish, you'll find versions of many different common bait fish, including grubs, worms, shad, eel and even frog. This soft bait from industry leader Berkley® is available in standard form or pre-rigged with a hook.

Whether you're an every day fisherman or woman looking to try a new bait, or a once a month angler who wants to maximize their fishing efficiency, you'll find these soft baits to be easy to use and effective. They move like the real thing while being slowly cranked or trolled through the water. Try bottom fishing with bio-degradable nibbles and give your favorite fish a flavorful incentive to bite your hook.

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Expert Advice

Let Your Bait Do the Hard Work

With the right bait cast in the right location at the right time, you will catch fish. You can find great bait in this collection of Berkley® PowerBait® at DICK'S Sporting Goods, but the setting and timing is up to you. Here are the three main ways to use soft baits:

  1. Crankbaiting. Casting and slowly reeling in soft baits that are designed to wiggle like baitfish. This is the most labor intensive, but one of the most popular styles of fishing.
  2. Jigging. Dropping your bait straight down from a boat or pier at a shallow to moderate depth and providing motion by moving your rod up and down. Great if you're in the right spot, painfully frustrating if you're not.
  3. Bottom Fishing. Cast out a weighed and baited rig and simply wait for a bite. Use a classic fish finder rig, a drop rig or a multi-bait chicken rig.

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