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Your Day on the Water: Learn More About Boat Accessories

From freshwater fishing to an outing at the sea shore, stock your boat with marine accessories you can depend on.

Stay safe on the water with utility boat lighting. Discover a full collection of safety boating equipment, including air horns, life vests, dry boxes and versatile boating safety kits. Pick up heavy-duty marine winches and anchor your boat with trailer tie-downs, fenders and downrigger weights for controlled depth fishing.

Whether you're bringing home a trophy fish or just enjoying your day on the water, equip yourself with boat accessories from popular brands, including Shoreline Marine®, Minn Kota® and Flambeau®.

Expert Advice

When selecting a boat anchor, ensure that your device can be released effortlessly from the bottom and stored easily on deck – a compact anchor is the best option for a fishing boat where deck space is limited.

River anchors are designed specifically for river currents and heavy drift. Three individual blades provide secure holding power and flow-through holes enable easy pull-up. Shallow-water anchors should be designed for fast and easy deployment. Built-in wave absorption that allows your boat to move up and down without impacting the anchor.

A boat anchor is one of the most essential accessories you need for your day on the water. Think about other must-haves for your boat, including batteries, steering systems and dry boxes for storage.

Life vests and lights are important to ensure the safety of your passengers.