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Boker Knives

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Tackle Tough Jobs with Boker Knives

Your hunting knives are a critical part of your hunting gear. Discover high-quality Boker knives that are easy and comfortable to use.

No need to pack your entire toolbox. From field dressing your game to cutting tree limbs or emergency repairs to your hunting gear, find the knife that can handle a variety of situations.

Choose between folding and fixed blades. For convenient one-handed opening and transportation, select a folding blade. Fixed blades are best for heavy-duty work.

Understand your Boker hunting knife’s construction. Being rust resistant, stainless steel blades are ideal for hunting in the rain. Carbon steel blades rust, but tend to be easier to sharpen and remain sharp for longer. Find a handle that’s easy to grip. While handles made from classic materials like wood are attractive, a newer material like rubber is easier to hang onto when rain makes the handle wet.

Consider the size of your knife. A five-inch blade gives you a knife that can perform a variety of tasks. Choose a longer blade for intensive chores like boning. Find a handle that gives you about one-quarter inch of space on each side of your hand to maximize your comfort.

Boker knives are important utensils that will last you many years. Choose your next hunting companion – the one that will get passed down from one generation to another.

Expert Advice

When you’re looking at your Boker® knife options, first decide whether you would prefer a fixed blade or folding knife. Fixed blade knives offer exceptional durability and stability, and can be easier to put in use when you need your knife quickly. Folding blade knives are more compact and easier to carry, and can often be clipped to a lanyard or carabineer for even greater convenience.

If you anticipate that you will use your knife primarily for slicing through tough surfaces, a knife with a serrated or partially serrated edge can make your work easier.

Small and subcompact Boker® knives are ideal for long hiking or backpacking trips when you are trying to keep your gear weight to a minimum. A knife with a short or slender blade can help you travel light, while still providing the cutting ability you need in unexpected or emergency situations.

It is always a good idea to be very familiar with your knife if you are taking it on an outdoor adventure. If it is a folding knife learn how it opens and closes, whether or not it has a safety block, and test out how it cuts. Situations in which quick thinking is necessary, require you to be familiar with all your gear and tools.