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Take Aim: Learn More About Bowfishing Gear

Relish your next bowfishing adventure with the right gear. From a precision-crafted bow to the right reel and fine-tipped point, you’ll bring in your trophy catch with the help of DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Bowfishing blends a mastery of archery with the sport of fishing—a uniquely thrilling and challenging activity for outdoor enthusiasts. Anglers often turn to bowfishing as an alternative to traditional rod-and-reel fishing, and hunters can bowfish during their off-season.

Choose bowfishing equipment designed for strength, precision and reliability on the water. Explore the entire collection now:

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  • Turn to some of the top brands in the sport, including October Mountain Products®, Muzzy® and AMS Bowfishing®.

Expert Advice

Your bow is your most essential tool on the water.

Choose a bow built for toughness—lightweight with a smooth draw and stabilizing bushings. An aluminum structure produces a light yet strong bow. A water-resistant finish ensures durability, hunt after hunt.

Recurve bows are typically used in bowfishing. These bows weigh between 40 and 50 pounds. For precision, choose a bow outfitted with a heavy-duty sight. Look for a tough, composite construction with anti-cracking corners for durability.

Next, you’ll need an arrow. Bowfishing arrows are constructed with fiberglass to be heavier than a traditional archery arrow. Inlayed carbon strands add thickness and strength. A stainless steel point is built on the end of the arrow to better snag your game fish.

You may want to purchase a safety slide for your bow. These devices prevent lines from snagging, so you do not come in contact with the sharp point of your bow.

Most bowfishing lines are made from a braided composite material, similar to nylon, including Dracon® and Spectra®. These sleek yet tough materials produce a smoother draw.

A reel is affixed to the bow to drag in your fish. Hand wrap reels are ideal for beginners. This brand of reel is simple to use and is often taped onto a bow. Retriever reels are also often used by beginners. More experienced anglers opt for a spincasting reel for their speed and precision.