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Callaway Wedges

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Callaway Wedges for Precision on Every Shot

Get accuracy out of the bunker.

Shop Callaway® wedges for Tour-inspired engineering and creative shot-making in any tricky spot.

Wedges are the specialty club in your bag: Select one engineered to handle a variety of shots – from chipping to pitching to flopping. No matter if you're in the fairway or the rough, Callaway® wedges are forged for the softest feel and precise amount of spin and control on all shots.

It's the details that count in your golf wedge. Expect Callaway® wedges to come with features like innovative groove designs that generate better spin and control. Wedges by Callaway® are crafted from carbon steel for a remarkably soft feel, optimized for bounce and proper contact.

A heavier shaft on your wedge produces better control and easier contact with the ball. Features like a playable sole and aggressive heel-toe relief make for consistent shot making. Shop all Callaway men's golf clubs to find the right models for your playing style.