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CCM Hockey Equipment

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Elevate Your Game with CCM® Hockey

Give yourself an edge on the ice with CCM® hockey sticks, skates and gear.

CCM® hockey sticks and skates are optimized for the ice, designed for ultra-durability and playability during your most grueling games. Lace up a pair of CCM® hockey skates for senior, junior and youth players.

Expect your CCM® hockey skates to come with details like injected plastic outsoles for an extra layer of stability. Brushed nylon sock liners keep you comfortable as you make your way down rink, while feather-light outsoles ensure your skates never weigh you down.

Maximize your game with senior, junior, intermediate and youth CCM® hockey sticks. Choose from traditional wood sticks and a variety of innovative composite materials for the feel that’s right for your game.

Suit up in CCM® hockey protective gear, including hockey shoulder pads, ice hockey pants, shin guards and helmets. CCM® hockey gloves provide grip and protection without hindering hand movement.

Find hockey gear from some of the top brands in the sport. Shop the full assortment of hockey equipment at DICK’S Sporting Goods.