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Upgrade your outdoor gear with Cold Steel® knives from DICK’S Sporting Goods. Cold Steel® knives are renowned for their superior cutting ability, comfortable grips, and exceptional durability. Choose from folding knives with plain edges, serrated edges, or half serrated edges to ensure that you have the right blade for your next outdoor adventure.

The wide range of blade styles available with Cold Steel® knives allows you to choose the ideal knife for your favorite activities. You’ll find blades with tanto points or clip points, and blades with advanced coatings to improve rust resistance. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight two-inch blade for small cutting jobs or a longer knife for slicing or piercing.

Buying Tips

Cold Steel knives from DICK’S Sporting Goods feature many different blade styles to suit a variety of purposes. When you’re shopping for a knife, think about what you’ll be using the knife for to determine which blade type might be best for you.

  • Knives with tanto points are especially useful when you need to drive your blade into a tough surface. The angled point and relatively thick tip is designed for maximum piercing performance.
  • A clip pointed knife is a good choice if you’re looking for a general utility knife. A clip point has less piercing power than a tanto point, but it is better suited to slicing and other cutting jobs.
  • If you expect to use your knife primarily for sawing or slicing actions, a blade with a serrated edge can provide better biting action into the surface you’re cutting.

Expert Advice

Before you leave on your next excursion, take the time to become familiar with your knife’s opening and closing actions. Trying to use an unfamiliar knife for the first time in the field can increase the chance of injury, especially if you are attempting to work quickly.