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Darts to Hit the Target

Aim for the bullseye with darts that match your playing style—shop soft-tip darts, steel-tip darts and a variety of barrel sizes.

The best darts promote easy flight and the perfect arc—features that produce stability and balance for an accurate throw. Select single darts or get the game going with dart packages. Shop popular brands, including Bottelsen® and Accudart®.

Darts are separated into two main categories—steel-tip and soft-tip. And you can’t select darts without first thinking about your dartboard:

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Expert Advice

The dart grip, or barrel, is one of the most important parts of the dart. As a player, your dart grip should feel comfortable between your fingers. Smooth and grooved grips are available.

Dart flights are the wings or feathers at the end of your dart shaft. Flights greatly impact the accuracy of your throw through the air and are available in a variety of textures ranging from smooth, rough and dimpled. Dimpled flights can slow your dart’s speed, but increase stability on the shot.

Darts come in a variety of different weights, based on the amount of tungsten they contain. The heavier the dart, the harder or faster a player must throw it for accurate flight. Some darts can weigh as much as 50 grams, but beginners should start off with darts weighing between 18 and 20 grams. Metal and composite shafts typically weigh more than plastic shafts.