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You have the talent, the skill and the drive, now all you need is an Easton® Mako -9 to hit it out of the park. Choose from a lineup of innovative bats from the brand that's synonymous with improving the power and performance of each player's swing. Discover a variety of Mako -9 bats, including big barrel, fastpitch and more for the novice and pro baseball and softball athlete. What makes Mako -9 a MVP?

  • Thermo Composite Technology (TCT™) barrel which produces a massive sweet spot and unmatched bat speed.
  • CXN™ ZERO Two-Piece Technology that maximizes energy transfer and performance to eliminate vibration.
  • Speed Design with a lightweight, streamlined barrel for low M.O.I. and ultra-fast swing speeds.

Expert Advice

The length and weight of the bat is proportionate to the size of the athlete. The taller and stronger the athlete, the longer and heavier the bat they'll want to use. The Easton® Mako -9 bat comes in lengths ranging from 28 inches to 32 inches. The -9 number represents the length to weight ratio of the bat or swing weight. The lower the negative number, the greater the bat speed.

Ultimately, what size you select comes down to personal preference and how it feels when you swing it. Keep in mind that you want to be able to swing your bat through the strike zone at maximum speed.

Now that you've found the perfect bat size, here are some extra tips you'll find useful when making your final selection:

  • Barrel size: a large barrel bat offers an expanded sweet spot and more power. Easton® Mako -9 bats come in 2-3/4" and 2-5/8" diameter.
  • Two-piece versus one-piece bats: one-piece bats are constructed using the same material throughout the entire design, while two-piece designs use two separate pieces bonded together. The advantage of a two-piece bat is the "trampoline-like" effect it gives the barrel, helping to propel the ball on contact.
Different leagues may have different requirements. Consult with your league before purchasing your bat.