Easton S1

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Easton® S1: Unleash Your Full Power & Potential

Go hard with a performance-crafted Easton® S1 bat from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Whether you’re playing baseball or fast-pitch softball the Easton® S1 bat helps you send them to the bleachers. A long-trusted name in baseball and softball equipment, Easton® made the S1 bat for a lightweight feel, helping boosting swing speed and control in the box.

An oversized sweet spot on the barrel of the bat transfers more energy into not-quite-perfect hits, which can mean the difference between a homer and a deep, fly ball out. Step up to the plate with confidence, dig in and stare down the pitcher, knowing that you have a top quality Easton® S1 bat.

Easton® S1 bats from DICK'S Sporting Goods are made from either wood or composite materials. Check with your league to choose the best possible legal model. The speed, power and precision of an Easton® S1 will give you a season to remember. Batter up!

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