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Ecco Golf Shoes

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Step up your golf game with ECCO® golf shoes from DICK’S Sporting Goods. Choose from shoes featuring the latest styles and technologies, whether you’re looking for street style shoes, classic tour style shoes, or advanced natural motion shoes.

Street style ECCO® golf shoes provide a casual, stylish look on the golf course without sacrificing fit or performance. With features such as extra cushioning, anatomical insoles, and linings that wick away excess moisture, street golf shoes offer great looks and exceptional comfort.

For a classic look on the green, you can choose a tour style or Oxford hybrid golf shoe. Spikeless tour hybrid shoe models from ECCO® feature waterproof construction, attractive leather uppers, and superior traction on a variety of surfaces.

If you’re looking for an advanced natural motion golf shoe, BIOM golf shoes from ECCO® offer a unique anatomical shape and flexible arch to provide exceptional comfort and range of motion while keeping you close to the playing surface.

Buying Tips

When you’re shopping for ECCO® golf shoes, consider whether you prefer spiked or spikeless shoes. Traditional spiked shoes provide a classic look and help you gain maximum traction on wet or sloped surfaces. Some golfers with especially high powered swings prefer the extra grip of a spiked shoe.

Spikeless shoes also provide excellent surface traction, and are often more lightweight than spiked shoes. Spikeless shoes can also add an element of convenience, as you will not need to replace worn spikes after a few seasons of play.

Expert Advice

If you prefer spiked shoes with traditional metal spikes, take extra precaution on the course not to cause excessive damage to the greens when you play. While metal spikes can provide extra grip, they can also tear holes in golf greens, especially in wet weather. A rough putting green can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey.

While you may know the rules of your regular course of play, you should also always check with course spike rules before trying a new course if your shoes have metal spikes. Many course prohibit the use of metal spikes due to the damage they can cause.