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It's the gear you need to make the most out of your workout.

Boost your health with the latest tech products for athletes. Electronics, including fitness trackers, GPS devices and watches, help you can keep tabs on vital workout stats to improve your conditioning.

Capture every moment of the adventure with sports cameras and safeguard your phone or media player in electronic cases and cell phone cases. Bring home the trophy with the help of rugged and ready hunting electronics-trail cameras, two-way radios, hunting spotlights and more.

From the fairway to the gym and beyond, find the right electronics for your active lifestyle. Shop top brands, including Bushnell®. Coleman®, Garmin® and Fitbit®.

Expert Advice

Discover the tools you need for your workout: Fitness trackers log your calories burned, heart rate and distance traveled, all from a sleek, low-profile wristband. Athletes can precisely calculate their workout's intensity, track sleep patterns and even devise a diet plan-perfect for those looking to achieve holistic health.

Outdoor enthusiasts can make the most of every adventure with the right equipment. Discover GPS units for camping, hunting and fishing, metal detectors and trail cameras. Cyclists can map the route ahead, calculate distance and much more with innovative bike computers.

And golfers love electronics that give their game an edge. Use rangefinders, swing analyzers and GPS watches to lower your handicap.

Choose a fitness tracker, GPS watch, running watch or pedometer that is both lightweight and fits comfortably. A device that is both water-resistant and shock-proof keeps pace with you when Mother Nature is unpredictable. Look for a clear display screen for hassle-free use.

For many athletes, listening to music during their workout is a must. Train to the beat with the help of earbuds and headphones. For added utility, look for single or dual-button controls on your device's cord, which allows you to easily control music, volume and other functions. Earbuds designed for a natural, ergonomic fit will stay in place as you move, choose a pair designed with a flexible, silicone cover. Boost moral before the game with speakers, great for filling the locker room or gym with music during pre-game.


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