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Wake Refreshed With The Fitbit® Sleep Tracker

Knowledge is power with Fitbit® sleep trackers.

Understanding the relationship between diet, exercise and sleep patterns will keep you healthy and full of energy for your day-to-day activities. Fitbit® activity and sleep trackers collect data on your movements throughout the day and while you sleep, including calories burned and steps climbed. Fitbit® sleep bands sync wirelessly with your smartphone, tablet or computer, and allow you instant access to the information you need to optimize your sleeping patterns. Setting and reaching reasonable workout goals is much easier once you really understand the data behind your trip to the gym, jog or daily routine. To keep your motivation high, real-time progress indicators encourage you along the way.

With several colors to choose from, there's a Fitbit® sleep tracker to match any outfit. Fitbit® activity bands from DICK’S Sporting Goods are also water resistant and designed to be worn at all times throughout the day. Free software, apps and online tools help you visualize your data and actualize your goals.

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