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Fitbit Activity Trackers

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Learn More About Fitbit®

Get a grip on your health with the help of Fitbit®.

Fitbit® fitness trackers keep tabs on your steps, distance and other vital health stats. These innovative devices are the ultimate tool for reaching your health goals: Track calories consumed, heart rate and even sleep patterns with simple-to-use Fitbit® fitness trackers.

Find the Fitbit® tracker that's right for you. Wear the lightweight Fitbit® Flex wristband or clip the Fitbit® Zip to your clothes. Fitbit® The One tracker measures your sleep cycle to promote holistic health. And the Fitbit® Aria isn't your ordinary bathroom scale. This Wi-Fi-enabled smart scale tracks weight, body fat percentage and BMI, then wirelessly syncs your stats to your online Fitbit® account, keeping you motivated and on-track as you reach your health goals.

For convenience, Fitbit® trackers sync data to your PC, Mac or smartphone. Set up a Fitbit® profile to share your goals with other users.