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Gamo Air Rifles & Pistols

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Learn More About Gamo Airsoft & Pellet Guns

Get stunning accuracy on every shot with Gamo® air rifles and pellet guns.

Gamo pellet and air guns are built for reliability and precision. Plink pellets off your target with pellet guns that offer solid feel, a simple cocking system and realistic action and appearance.

Find details like mounted scopes, quality steel barrels and double magazines for easy reloading. Shop the entire Gamo collection at DICK’S Sporting Goods:

Expert Advice

Airsoft guns can be separated into three main categories, based on their population system:

  • Spring Airsoft Guns: This brand of weapon uses a stout spring and air piston to propel the pellet. They are extremely consistent and accurate from shot to shot.
  • Pneumatic Airsoft Guns: These guns use compressed air to propel a pellet and there are two main types, pumped and pre-charged. Pumped airsoft guns are common and easy to use. These guns are more consistent than those that use CO2, pumping the gun before use requires time and effort.
  • CO2 Powered These airsoft guns are powered by CO2 canisters . These guns are easy to use and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with few limitations during use. No pumping is required. The biggest drawback to this brand of airsoft gun is the fluctuation of CO2 pressure.