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Golf Drivers

Learn More About Golf Drivers


Golf Drivers for Men, Women & Kids - Make Your First Drive Count

Find the perfect golf driver to dial-up your game.

When selecting among the countless drivers available, the most important features to consider are loft and head size, shaft stiffness, and the overall weight and length of the club. "Loft", or "loft angle" refers to the angle of the clubface in relation to the vertical line formed by the shaft at address.

A driver with high loft will promote a higher, more arcing ball flight; a driver with less loft will launch lower along a flatter trajectory.

Browse drivers from TaylorMade®, Callaway® and PING® to find the right fit for your game. For more variety, shop all men's golf clubs from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

In addition to being visually appealing, today's larger clubheads offer a larger surface area with minimal face thickness, promoting greater stability and power at the moment of impact.

Shaft stiffness is determined by swing speed - faster swingers will require a stiffer shaft to achieve optimal distance and control. Factors such as weight and length are often determined by player preference, but it's important to remember that many casual golfers have difficulty determining the best club for their game.

Some of the most recognizable clubs in the game today, TaylorMade drivers are also among the most popular on every major professional tour. A golf industry leader since 1979, TaylorMade continues to drive progress and innovation with each passing year.

One of the first manufacturers to release a full line of adjustable drivers and fairway metals, their proprietary technology allows for simple modifications to the loft, face, and weight of each clubhead, a new benchmark in the constant pursuit of optimal clubfitting.

Looking for more? Browse all golf clubs from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

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