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Ice Fishing Rods

Learn More About Ice Fishing Rods


Learn More About Ice Fishing Rods

Get the incredible action and sensitivity you need on the ice with a performance ice fishing rod.

The latest ice fishing rods are crafted from high-quality materials and technologies that deliver in a variety of inclement conditions. Get an a comfortable grip, lightweight feel and short length for better fish visibility.

Shop industry-leading ice fishing rods from brands like St. Croix®, Jason Mitchell® and Clam Outdoors®. For more, explore the entire collection of ice fishing equipment at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Ice rods are typically short spinning rods, spanning at most 36 inches. This compact design ensures better visibility for spotting fish in the ice. Ice fishing rods are known for their simplistic design, which typically includes a stiff rod, handle and a few guidelines with an opposing hook.

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Expert Advice

Consult product information for specifics on your fishing rod. Many models come with a manufacturer’s warranty and are specially crafted to maximize sensitivity, soft touch and power for angling large fish in hard water.

Consider these factors when selecting your ice fishing rod:

Action: The action of your ice fishing rod describes how much the tip of your rod bends when pressure is put on the tip. Select from extra-fast action to slow action. Larger, more aggressive game fish require faster action.

Power: This factor describes the fighting strength or lifting power of your rod. Power ratings typically vary from heavy to light. Heavier liner requires heavier power.

Material: Select from innovative materials including graphite and fiberglass.