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Leg Braces

Learn More About Leg Braces


Sports Medicine Basics: Leg Braces & Wraps

Help reduce discomfort and support your body with the latest leg braces.

Knee, leg and thigh braces help reduce pain and common sports injuries. These basic sports medicine tools can be used to treat a variety of non-severe ailments and ongoing pain. Braces are constructed with a variety of materials and technologies to provide the support you need. Always consult a physician before attempting to treat a serious injury yourself.

Compression braces contour to your body with a graduated fit. These braces offer a snug, second-skin fit that can be worn during play or practice as well as during your postgame recovery. Compression leg braces help increase blood flow to cut back on muscle fatigue and general soreness.

Adjustable leg wraps help you customize the level of compression you prefer. Lightweight padding keeps you protected during a variety of daily activities.

Look for leg braces designed for the muscle you want to treat. Hamstring wraps, compression sleeves, compression socks and thigh and groin sleeves are specially designed to treat specific muscle groups. For comfortable wear, choose a leg wrap or brace constructed with smooth, breathable fabrication.

Always consult product information for specifics on your brace. Shop leg, thigh and knee braces from popular brands, including Fitness Gear®, Pro-Tec® and Shock Doctor®. Check out the entire collection of sports medicine equipment at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

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