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Power Your Own Workout With A Manual Treadmill

Walking or jogging as little as an extra mile or so each day can have a big impact on your health.

Often, jumping on a treadmill is quicker and easier than going for a long walk, especially during the dog days of summer, chilly winter months or when it's raining or snowing. Motor-powered treadmills take up excess space and require electricity to power your training.

Manual treadmills, meanwhile, are powered by the force of your steps, so they don't require a bulky motor. Manual treadmills don't need to be placed near an electrical outlet, and can be folded up for easy storage between workouts.

Powered by the force of your steps, manual treadmills still track important metrics like time, speed, distance and calories burned. Manual treadmills can be set to different incline levels, thus increasing the efficiency of your walk or jog. With a manual treadmill from DICK's Sporting Goods, even losing power in a blizzard won't keep you from getting your daily exercise.

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