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Learn More About Men's Neutral Running Shoes


Learn About Men’s Neutral Running Shoes

Men’s neutral running shoes offer comfort and a lightweight feel as you’re logging miles. From the trail to the road, this athletic footwear supports your natural gait cycle.

Neutral running shoes are ideal for athletes with “neutral pronation.” Pronation is the natural inward roll of your foot after your heel strikes the ground. Basic pronation ensures a biomechanically efficient run, protecting your joints against pressure and impact. Runners with neutral or “basic” pronation often opt for neutral shoes.

This type of running footwear comes with a variety of features and technologies. Select from bold styles and colors that match your run, and shop popular brands including Nike® asics®, Brooks® and Mizuno®.

Expert Advice

What are neutral running shoes?

Neutral running shoes are built with minimal cushioning and stability to promote the natural mechanics of your gait cycle. These shoes maintain a sleek, lightweight feel while still providing adequate protection, comfort and stability. Keep in mind these factors when selecting your new shoe:

  • Light, breathable uppers allow for natural air flow as you stride. Look for mesh or perforated paneling.
  • Seamless or one-piece uppers minimize irritation.
  • Lightweight EVA or gel midsoles absorb and diffuse shock for maximum comfort.
  • Traction-ready outsoles are available for road and trail runners
  • Internal sock liners improve fit and help wick away perspiration
  • Internal structure systems help maintain the fit and integrity of your shoe

Always consider your typical running environment when selecting your new men’s neutral running shoes. If you frequently trek off-road or on uneven ground, choose hearty trail-running shoe. This footwear is built with fortified runner outsoles for off-road terrain.

Every running shoe is different, so consult product information before making your selection. For more, explore the entire collection of men’s running shoes.