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Types of AR 15 Parts & MSR Accessories

Ensure your sporting rifle is fully equipped—expand your shooting gear with AR15 and M4 accessories.

Line up your target with scopes and sights and employ tactical lights and lasers to your rifles and shotguns to enhance accuracy.

Compact and lightweight bipods eliminate rifle canting on uneven terrain. Get a gun case and day pack to transport all of your essentials in the field.

When your AR 15 is in need of a clip replacement, the magazines from DICK'S Sporting Goods will get you back on the hunt.

Find AR 15 accessories and M4 accessories from some of the most dependable brands in hunting, including Bushmaster®, Barska®, Laser Genetics®, LaserMax®, Nikon®, TRUGLO®, BLACKHAWK! ®, Weaver® and more.

Expert Advice

Consider the following factors when shopping scopes:

  • Power: The first number listed in the scope name describes the magnification ability. A fixed power scope with a single number will tell you how magnified your target is when using the scope. A variable power with a range of numbers will allow you to vary the magnification.
  • Objective: The second number in a scope is the diameter of the objective lens in millimeters. Large lenses are more bulky, but offer a larger field of view and let in more light.
  • Eye Relief: Eye relief is the comfortable distance that a scope can be held from your eye and still allow you to see the entire image. On a rifle, the more generous the eye relief, the better.
  • Field of View at 100 Yards: FOV means how wide of an area you can view at 100 yards. A higher number indicates a wider area.
  • Optical Coating: Optical coatings reduce light loss and glare and result in brighter, clearer images.

Night hunters can benefit from laser designators, which can provide enough illumination to light up a 250-yard trail.

THE PROS Gun Services available at DICK'S Sporting Goods locations can mount and boresight your scope quickly, so you can spend more time and ammo in the field— not at the range.