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Moving Comfort

Designed for Your Workout: Moving Comfort® Activewear

Types of Moving Comfort® Activewear

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Types of Moving Comfort® Activewear

Fitted for your best performance, Moving Comfort® women's activewear blends style with function.

From tees to leggings, capris and zip-up jackets, find everything your workout wardrobe needs with Moving Comfort®. Take deep breathes on the mat with Moving Comfort® yoga pants and log miles in tank tops and tights. Select from a variety of fits, styles and hues for the look that inspires your training.

Your sports bra is essential to your workout. Choose from a variety of Moving Comfort® sports bra styles for the garment that delivers the precise level of support you need. Moving Comfort® ladies' underwear is designed with no-sew laser-cut edges, promoting air-light, comfortable wear.