Nikon Rangefinders

Learn More About Nikon Rangefinders


Learn More About Nikon® Rangefinders

Gain valuable insight in the field with a Nikon® rangefinder.

Knowing the distance to your target is essential. Nikon® rangefinders deliver the critical information every hunter needs with quick, pinpointed results and crystal clear images.

Choose a Nikon rangefinder for hunting or one that is optimized for archery. Nikon hunting rangefinders use multilayer coatings for higher light transmittance and a more natural, clear view. Compact and lightweight, you can easily bring Nikon rangefinders on any hunt. Consider Nikon rangefinders made just for bowhunters. Featuring ID (Incline/Decline) technology, the special rangefinders compensate for angles.

Find targets from the farthest ranges, even if the animals are obscured by grass or brush. And you won’t scare off your prey when triggering your Nikon rangefinder. The sound is barely audible.

Get the dependable, high-quality assistance you need in the field with an easy-to-use Nikon rangefinder. Look for rainproof and fogproof models to perform in any type of weather condition.