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Paper Targets

Learn More About Paper Targets


With Paper Targets, Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you're preparing for the hunt or target shooting just for fun, paper shooting targets from DICK'S Sporting Goods will help you achieve pinpoint accuracy.

Target training helps shooters refine their motor skills, expertly control a shot and keep their sights calibrated correctly. Available in many styles and sizes from standard circular bullseye targets, to sighting targets, to targets that depict prey (and even monsters), there's a target for every shooter's needs.

DICK'S Sporting Goods also carries paper target stands, which steadily hold up that bullseye, turkey or zombie target. Self-adhesive targets that stick to a backdrop or hang from a target stand are also available. Some paper targets offer different types of color-coded feedback to the shooter, based on where their shots land. Don't waste any more time walking up to the target to see if a shot is on the money or a near miss.

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