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Pilates Equipment & Accessories

Learn More About Pilates Equipment & Accessories


Learn about Pilates Reformers & Gear for Your Workout

Take your Pilates workouts to the next level with Pilates equipment from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Whether you’re looking for a new medicine ball or a high performance Pilates machine, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. DICK’S Sporting Goods offers just about everything you’ll need to create your own Pilates studio at home. The selection of stability barres from STOTT PILATES includes adjustable height barres in varying lengths, so you can choose the one that’s right for your home and workout routines.

If you’re looking for inspiration and new workout ideas, DICK’S Sporting Goods has packages that include collections of Pilates DVDs along with equipment such as fitness circles, inclined surfaces and more.

Whether you’re building a complete home Pilates studio from scratch or adding elements one at a time, DICK’S Sporting Goods has Pilates equipment to suit any need and skill level.

When shopping for Pilates equipment, consider how often you’ll be using your equipment and how Pilates fits in to your other exercise activities. If you plan to make Pilates your primary fitness routine, you may want to look at a Reformer or other Pilates machine to help build long, lean muscle lines. Depending on your workout priorities, you can choose a machine designed to help with core stability, muscle strength, cardio endurance, or a combination of the three.

Don’t overlook the importance of smaller items such as toning balls and flex bands. DICK’S Sporting Goods carries toning balls in a range of sizes and weights, so you can choose lighter weights for rehabilitating joints, or heavier weights to strengthen large muscle groups.

Vary your workouts from time to time to ensure that you are strengthening your muscle groups equally. Balance and flexibility are two primary goals of Pilates exercise, and using a variety of high quality Pilates equipment from DICK’S Sporting Goods can help you achieve your fitness goals.